Maytag Commercial Top Load Washer MVWP575GW This is The Closest Thing To An Old School Washer I Have Ever Seen

After the post-Speed Queen apocalypse, (read more about that HERE ), I found myself unable to sell ANY new washers to my customers. Thankfully I had the sense to stock up on 2017 model Speed Queens so I had some time to figure out a replacement. (sorry, all the 2017’s are sold) I found this washer and (most) of my prayers were answered. 


How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, hook them up in my store and run them at least 10 times until I get a feel for how they work.  I do my own laundry in these machines to give a true “real world” test. 

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:   1. performance (20pts) 2. cost    (20pts) 3. build quality (repair-ability) (20pts) 4. how long I think it will last. (20pts) 5. My general feelings towards the machine (20pts)   Just for the record, I don’t believe any appliance will ever, ever get a score of 100.  I don’t even think there will be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see.   

The review:

This washer blew me away when I first tested it. In the vast sea of crap washing machines, this little gem really shines.   Never have I ever thought I would find a new washer that performs almost as well as my coveted vintage washers.  


Maytag finally made something that is worthy of their name.  Let me be up front: There are a lot of crap Maytag washers out there, but this one is not crap.  In fact, its one of the best I have ever tested.  It fills up all the way with water, it circulates the clothes properly, it rinses well.  The Maytag Commercial actually cleans clothes… Imagine that.  


This washer has a MSRP of around $879, but most are selling in the $799 range.  Pretty good value based on the performance it delivers.

Build Quality

This part is going to be a bit tricky.  This washer is relatively new, so there is not really enough data to come to a conclusion.  It looks really well built, the panels feel stiff, like real metal kind of stiff.  It doesnt look real fancy, although I find it to be very attractive. I guess its in the eye of the beholder.  

Basically every part looks like one of their basic residential parts, just beefier.  



The Maytag does come with a 5 YEAR parts and Labor warranty.  This warranty comes directly from Maytag. Ive heard of a few reports of some washers being delivered “dead on arrival” but not really enough to make me feel concerned. At this time, I cant really say if it will be a reliable machine with 100% certainty, but I think it going to be a winner.

Personal Opinion

I was so pleased with how this washer performs that I started selling it in my store.  This washer is not a huge capacity, nor is it particularly energy efficient.  At 3.5 cubic feet, you can comfortably wash 6 full size bath towels with some room to spare.  The Maytag will actually clean them, which is something of a rarity these days with washers.  It will also do it in less than 3 hours.  A typical cycle on the MT is about 40 minutes.  

If you are at your wit’s end with washers that have poor performance, stink, leak, break down, and shake all over the place, Take a look at this Maytag.  Im not saying “take a look at Maytag”, Im saying “take a look at THIS Maytag”.  This particular model #MVWP575G is unlike all the rest of the Maytags. 

Build Quality18
Longevity17* (not sure)
Total Score89

Watch all the videos on this washer HERE

133 comments on “Maytag Commercial Top Load Washer MVWP575GW This is The Closest Thing To An Old School Washer I Have Ever Seen

  1. Thanks so much for all the information and good advice. It’s definitely overwhelming trying to find a washer that actually washes and cleans your clothes.

    I’m trying to decide between the Maytag in this post vs the 2018 Speed Queen (the one with the 5 yr warranty…TR5?). How do you think this Maytag would perform in the ketchup towel test when compared to the SQ 2018 model?

    I’m just wanting a dependable washer that’s going to get my clothes clean, don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles


    • Hello,

      Watch my videos on the 2018 Speed Queen. All 3 models are mechanically identical. That said, I would definitely take a strong look at the Maytag and probably not consider the 2018 SQ.

      • I’ve had this washer for about 2 weeks and I LOVE it! My clothes are clean and fresh, my towels are white… is good! Thanks for the great info.

      • I bought the 2018 SQ!! WORSE machine I have ever owned, and I am 68, so covers a lot of years. I took speed queen back and got this Maytag 575. After getting a GE, dumping it for the Speed Queen (where I made my mistake was biting the bullet and buying the SQ because of the name) this Maytag is WAY better than the 2018 SQ will ever be. SQ complaint department even admitted it. They have already made changes in the 2019 models of SQ because of complaints.

      • Is the Maytag MVWP575 a direct drive like the SQ TC 5000? Looking for w/d to replace my Amana LW6163 set after 25 yrs with not too much complaints. The SQ is so similar to it, full tub water, agitator, all dials-no electronic control panel, no bells and whistles that I really like and want again. Thanks for all your helpful info.

        • Hello, neither of these machines are direct drive. Both of these washers are belt driven

      • Now in the YouTube reviews you say “MVWP575G” but we see MVWP575GW most everywhere? Hopefully it’s the same thing

    • Hi, if this is not allowed, feel free to remove…. I purchased a large capacity Maytag washer during the time when they had no agitators, there were no washers with agitators anywhere, so we bought the one with the best reviews at the time. IT’s awful, my clothes are not clean, towels still have stains on them despite double washing with bleach…I end up hand washing the clothes first then putting them in the washer for a 90 minute ‘wash’ where they just come out refreshed but no where near ‘clean’. I’m wondering if anyone has tried to replace the impeller? thing at the bottom with an Agitator. I wish Maytag would come up with a replacement part where I could just add it, because it’s a great size but my laundry is not clean. Has Maytag ever tried to make this right by manufacturing a replacement part or make a modification for us to add an agitator? I’d happily pay for it, assuming it’s much cheaper than buying a new washer. Any help I’d love to hear it, thanks all so much!

  2. I’m really happy I found your website. Thanks much for your thoughtful insights. My 13 year old GE Easy Care Top Load washer if about to die. It sounds as if the bearing is going. In any event, I’d like to replace with a larger capacity washer. I was considering buying a Maytag MVWB765W 4.7 Cu Ft washer. Any thoughts you have regarding this washer would be most appreciated.

    • Hi, you should watch my YouTube videos on a washer very similar to the one you are looking at. I personally don’t recommend any Maytag other than the commercial one mvwp575gw.

    • We bought the Maytag MVWB765FW (4.7 cu.ft) agitator, glass top, at BestBuy on 7/29/2019. Took delivery on 8/2/2019. Could NOT get enough water, even with “deep fill”. We exchanged it 8/3/2019 for a GE GTW685BPLDG (4.5 cu. ft.). Nice machine but still poor water fill. Exchanged that GE for a GE GTW465ASNWW (4.5 cu.ft). It promises the option of getting full tub of water. Even the manual tell how to do that. Ours can only get about 1/2 tub. Will have GE service look at it. All transactions at BestBuy were very cordial.

  3. Hello,
    I have watched all the videos on the Maytag MVWP575 over the past few months, as my 12 year old GE Profile top load washing machine WPRB8050D has been making grinding sounds when washing. I think the transmission is going bad, but not 100% sure. The part is almost $300, plus $200 labor to replace it. So I’m thinking of replacing the washing machine with a new model. This Maytag MVWP575 seems to have a similar wash action as my GE, even though it lacks a lot of features that my unit has (4 water levels, time display, etc).

    There are two newer GE washers (GTW755 and GTW685) that came out this year that also has an agitator, though the videos of them washing don’t appear as vigorous as my old GE or the Maytag 575.
    Do you have any experience with the GE GTW755 or GTW685? I have seen both of those in person, and they look and feel a bit cheaply made. I haven’t been able to find anyone yet in my area (Ft Lauderdale) that sells the Maytag 575.

  4. If you had an opportunity to purchase a lightly used 2016 awn432 sq , would you chose it over the 2018 commercial maytag

    • From a performance standpoint the Maytag is better. That said the sq is a very close second. If the sq is under $500 I’d consider it. Otherwise I’d pick the Maytag.

    • YES! At least, I would, and without thinking twice.
      But without that choice, having seen the reviews of this machine, I would consider the Maytag 575, but no other Whirlpool-group washer, certainly never one of the Korean brands, never again a GE, and the rest are just an unknown but discouraging quantity. Even the “COMMERCIAL” Maytags in the big box stores, if you look any more carefully than lifting the lid, can be seen to be the same HE crap.
      The MT 575 appears to be the real deal, as this post shows.
      The new Speed Queen TC5 has just become available at this writing, and I bought one literally a half-hour after I saw it on Eugene’s site this past Saturday morning. I galloped my little Frontier out to Powder Springs Road in Marietta and slapped the Master Card on the top of the machine and said “Sold!” before the salesman could start his pitch.
      Having looked a bit more at the review of the 575, though, perhaps I should have given it a second look before buying the SQ. The TC5000WN is about $230 more than the best price I could find on the 575, and I am a senior approaching retirement.
      Then again, when I got home I had to run a couple of loads at the coin laundry, and ran them in Speed Queens I know to be at least thirty-five years old. I talked to the owner of the coin laundry, showed him the side-by-side comparison of the 2018 TR and the 2019 TC, and he said the TC looks like a great machine, and admonished me not to overload it, that that is the only problem he has with his top-loaders.
      I noticed a bank of four new top-loaders branded “IPSO” as I walked into his facility Saturday afternoon. I saw an “ALLIANCE” sticker on the back of these machines; I suppose they may be a new companion line of commercial-only machines alongside the more familiar “Speed Queen” and “Huebsch” top-loaders.
      Anyhow, good luck with your choice; I hope that whichever you buy, you get many years of satisfactory performance out of it.

  5. Mr. Pallas,
    I cannot thank you enough for your videos and blogs. I was going to buy a Speed Queen TR5 until I watched your videos and read your reviews. Your expertise and honesty save me from making a $1000 mistake. I cannot understand how Speed Queen’s 2018 washing machines ever passed a design review before they went into production. It doesn’t say much for their company with them blacklisting you either. I will be buying the Maytag MVWC465HW thanks to your reviews.
    Keep up the good work!
    David Seger

    • This particular model, #MVWP575G, with its DUAL agitator is unlike all the rest of the Maytags even those that have an agitator.

  6. Does the Maytag MVWP575GW clean better than the 2017 Speed Queen? The Maytag agitator looks like it is a better design.

      • It doesn’t look like the new Maytag is constructed as well as the Speed Queen, more plastic and less steel. And why are both machines agitators moving so slow? We currently have a Maytag MTW5700TQ0 washer that’s on its last leg and it’s agitator turns faster than either of these, even on the delicate cycle.

  7. I appreciate your reviews on this Maytag and the SQ 2018 vs SQ 2017. Do you have a video showing how well this Maytag cleans a ketchup stained towel like your SQ video? I was ready to purchase a SQ until I saw your reviews and now questioning what to buy. My LG lasted five years and a GE fro five years before that. Thank you!

  8. I like the washer and dryer so far, and have followed your advice on getting this set of appliances. I really do need a “commercial” style residential washer as I’ve got a full house of kids, parents and grandparents. One thing you mentioned in the video is about adding an in line surge protector for the unit. That intrigued me. any specific recommendations for such a appliance?

  9. We just got this washer today, already did 3 loads and it worked beautifully. Very quick and does a great job. Clothes smell fresh and the spin dry works well. I will add the matching dryer when my current one dies. Good job by Maytag.

  10. I’m trying to decide between the MVWP575GW and the MVWC465HW. Based on the reviews of the 575 I will probably order one, but would like to know if you have any experience with the 465 since I would consider it if it is comparable since it is cheaper and larger. Thanks for your help.

  11. Thank You!!!!!!! I am glad I found your websight! I never new how anyone could wash clothes in four inches of water in some of the new machines. The people trying to sell such stupidity really don’t know how to wash!!!!!!!!! I think that’s why such sickness & disease gets started. Imagine trying to tell your grandmother to was a full load of laundry in four inches of water!!!!! She would probably tell you to take some medicine and lay down!

    • If you are in the Clevelans, OH area I would happily sell you one. Otherwise look for your nearest authorized Maytag dealer

  12. Do these washing machines have a sanitize cycle? And at what temperatures does this machine run at? thanks

  13. Do you recommend the matching dryer? If not, is there another model that you would recommend? Thank you

  14. We bought a Maytag MVWP575 based on your great review. The first time we tried it, the rinse water would go in and right back out the drain endlessly. It never filled and never rinsed. A Maytag repair man came and said it might need a new control panel.

    He came back but did not want to install it. We tried to wash a load again today. Now it does a Normal cycle from start to finish but the rinse cycle only took 4 minutes from start to finish (we timed it). As the lid was locked for entire rinse cycle, we do not know if water is even going into the rinse. Have you heard of problems similar to this? Thanks, Eugene!

    • Hi, I’ve not heard of any issues like that. The agitation time during rinse is quick, I have not timed it but 4 minutes sounds right. As far as it filling and draining, is the discharge pump running? Is the drain hose elevated higher than the top of the washer?

      • Hi Eugene, Yes the discharge pump is running and the drain hose is elevated. Seems the machine does not fill on rinse in normal cycle. I have to do the double rinse to rinse the clothes. Maytag couldn’t repair it so the store we bought it from is sending us another machine.

        One thing to mention is that Maytag kept sending us a residential machine repair person. Something to consider when buying this model.

  15. Mr. Pallas.

    My deepest gratitude for your hours of research and leadership in the pursuit of cleanliness. We are a stinky family of 7 who are in need of a new, large washer. We’ve watched your videos and especially enjoyed this one: We would love your recommendation on a larger size (something in the 5.2+ cu. ft. would be a dream come true!), top-load, family washer that is as close to excellence as the MVWP575GW. Any information will be extremely appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • Nothing I’ve tested is as great as the mvwp575gw. That said, the larger capacity lg washers with the turbo wash feature seem to do a very decent job overall. I’ll be testing one similar to what your looking for in the coming weeks.

      • Did you ever test a machine like this? I’m in the same boat and looking for a quality machine for a family of 7 also. Mine is broken and I’m about to buy the MVWP575G but my biggest concern is that it is smaller than most machines.

  16. Eugene,

    I appreciate the time and effort you have put into these washer machine reviews. You saved me $700! I have used the Maytag MVWP575GW in our kid and pet-friendly home about seven months now for an average of 5 or 6 loads a week. I can get through a mountain of laundry in no time. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean!

    The wash action of the DUAL agitator is more effective at getting clothes clean compared to non-dual agitator models, water-saving models, and/or those that rely on a tumbling action or impeller to clean clothes.

    This washer also features commercial grade parts and simple controls and a design that makes it easy to repair or have repaired locally. However, with its 5-years parts AND labor warranty, I will not have to worry about that any time soon.

    Suggestions for improvement include mechanical controls instead of ones that rely on a control board and to add a water-level selector switch (full and half tub work OK for us but may not for some).

    The Maytag mvwp575gw is simply the best washer on the market today. I plan to buy the matching dryer soon.

    Thanks again,

  17. Mr. Pallas,

    I firstly want to express my sincere gratitude for all of the time you have invested testing, reviewing and answering questions regarding this topic! Your efforts are incredibly helpful in my research process!
    I am at the point in our post Hurricane Harvey rebuild where I need to finalize my decision regarding washers and dryers. We have planned accommodations for 2 washers/2 gas dryers as we are a large family and my husband also works in FR uniforms around chemicals at a refinery( the cleaning process of washing his clothes then clean cycle after times up one washing machine for awhile). I have a couple of questions I would greatly appreciate your input on! I’ve considered the SQ Sf7 stacked unit and the previously suggested Maytag top load, but also have wondered about other commercial units that are a larger capacity than the Maytag. Can you offer and suggestions regarding other larger commercial units vs SF7 vs Maytag
    MVWP575GW? Also gas stackable (stacking 2 dryers or once stacked unit)dryer suggestions?(First time with gas dryers:))
    Thank you again for all the insight you’ve already provided in this matter!

    • Hi, a lot to unpack. If you have the space, I recommend getting the Maytag set, and perhaps a LG front load set stacked. The fire resistant clothes need an aggressive agitator (and honestly should have it’s own washer if he gets greasy) The Maytag is lacking in capacity but more than makes up for it in SPEED.

  18. Do you feel the mvwp575gw is too hard on clothes? I understand it does a great job cleaning, but is the wear and tear on the clothing on normal cycle noteworthy? And does the delicate cycle actually work delicately? Thanks so much

    • Aggressive agitation is excellent at cleaning but rough on clothing. I have not tried the delicate cycle on the maytag commecercial but my customers tell me its pretty gentle

  19. Hi there – debating on this set or the speed queen lwnee22sp115tw01 set. Which do you prefer? The Maytag would end to being a little cheaper

    • The LWN is more expensive, and only comes with a 3 year parts only warranty. That said, they both perform very well. I would pick the Maytag just because of the better warranty and better price

  20. I bought this washer based on Eugene’s video and other source research. So far so good. Two questions
    1) WHERE IS THIS MODEL BUILT? Clyde, Ohio? Somewhere else? (I know it seems silly to ask, I’m just curious)

    2) When I first ran some loads there was a subtlbe burning smell that seems to be going away although its still kind of there. Is this from burning off oils from the factory?

    • 1. Clyde Ohio

      2. Slight burning oil smell is perfectly normal. Most new parts have a very thin coating to protect it from rust. As the parts warm up they cook off.

  21. Hi Eugene,

    Great blog and videos! Have you had a chance to check out GE GTW465ASNWW? The Maytag would be perfect if it had the cycles and options this machine has.


  22. Is the 2019 Maytag commercial grade residential washer as good as this one? What about other 2019 top load washers? Did Speed Queen improve with the system of the fast changing direction of agitator and tub?

    • As far as I can tell, the MVWP575GW has not changed one bit. I heard the SQ 2019 had some programming tweaks, I have not tested it so I cant confirm or deny that its better than the 2018

  23. How long does it take to complete a wash load on the Maytag MVWP575GW? I was confused by your comment under personal opinion that it will wash 6 bath towels “is less than 3 hours”! Thanks!

  24. Eugene,

    Just received my Maytag Commercial washer through special order from Menard’s yesterday and so far am a little indifferent with the washer. The laundry looks clean and does have a very subtle fresh/detergent smell but not as fresh as my previous washer. The problem I am really frustrated with, is that the clothes and bedding is coming out extremely wet. Not dripping, but very damp nonetheless. I’ve ran PowerWash, Mixed, and Normal cycle and they all produce the same result with wet laundry. My dryer has been ran on two dry cycles to get everything dry enough to fold. Is this a common problem? Also, does the drum fill up 100% to the top? Mine only fills up about 85% to the top of the agitator/bottom of fabric softener cap for agitator. Thanks so much for your input!

    • The Maytag isn’t the fastest spinner, that said, if you can wring the clothes and get water to drop, something is wrong. Otherwise I’d try and dry a load with your dryer vent disconnected, with everything working properly you should be able to dry a full load in under 1 hour.

    • I bought one too based on this blog and reviews which were good. My clothes do the exact same thing. They are soaking wet. I have to put them on the spin cycle 2-3 times to get them to spin out. I complained and they sent a serviceman out who said I needed to make sure I balanced the loads better. I have tried changing and still no help. I had 4 pair of swim trunks in last week and they did not spin. I put them on the spin/drain cycle and it actually filled back up with water (????). The company still says there is no problem with the machine but I have to say this cannot be normal.

      At this point, we are returning it and having to buy a speed queen. I still have concerns about it so I just don’t know what to do at this point because I need a washer.

  25. Hi- You might have commented already on this but I didn’t see it. How does the 575 compare to the MVWP 765 ? And how would the 575 compare to the SQ LWN432 ?

    Thanks in advance and for all your efforts.

  26. Sir for the life of me I cannot figure out how to soak something in the washing machine for several hours. I love it but it’s time to soak my shower curtain. After filling the tub I push pause but it then starts to drain. How do I get this machine to fill up and stay that way? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Tabitha,

      Try pausing the washer with the lid closed. You can also disable the lid lock, but I do not recommend that if you have small children, disabled individuals, or pets that can access the washer in the home. If you decide to do this, I would also recommend a safety lockout device that keeps the washer from being plugged in while not in use and to supervise the washer closely when in use. If the lid is open, the washer will drain after 10 minutes.

  27. Hi! Love your videos and this blog.

    We bought a MVWP575GW washer back in November, and aside from the vigorous shaking it does, it’s been OK. Does the job. But this morning after a load of delicate whites (or course) we noticed that much of the load has black grease spots on them. Checking the washer, we found a blob of black grease on the bottom of the tub.

    My wife spoke with the dealer’s service department and they indicated that because it’s black grease (as opposed to a different color) it’s can only be from the gear box. It might take a while to get this all sorted out (service call, order parts, return, hope for the best, etc) but having spent so much on it for its ruggedness, it’s seriously distressing!

    My question is: knowing what I’ve described, does the gear box seem to be the correct diagnosis? And how on Earth does it allow grease into the tub environment?

    Thanks–you Youtube videos were a great help in sorting things out for us!

  28. Has anyone looked into the Commercial Top Load washer made by out of Wisconsin? They seem to be what we are all seeking.

    • It is made by the same company that makes Speed Queen. The photo of a top loader for light commercial use on their website looks just like a Speed Queen, but with different branding.

  29. Hi Eugene. Love your honest test videos. Two weeks ago, my husband and I purchased the 4.7 Maytag top loader and are planning on returning. When doing a load in hot water, we noticed condensation forming on the control panel, Not a good thing. Do we dare try the mvwp575gw? Any suggestions?

    • The mvwp575gw is unlike any other Maytag I have tested- in the best way possible. This is still the best washer I have tested so far and is still my #1 recommendation for new top load agitator washers

  30. Thank you Eugene for your advice on how to fix my old Maytag that we’ve had for over 30 years! If I can’t get it done then I’ll definitely buy the Maytag 575 washer. Eugene finally bought some clarity to an otherwise sea of confusion when trying to figure out what is actually worth buying. By the way I live in California so Eugene helped me when I obviously won’t be buying from him.

  31. Mr. Pallas, I know you don’t know me from Adam but, from me to you, “thank you” for your work. You bring a little product happiness into peoples live and empower them to make informed decisions by sharing information in your area of expertise. Bought the Maytag ‘575 based on your take on it and it’s been great. I have no doubt it will be for years to come. Thanks again, Andrew

  32. Hi can someone please tell me:

    Does it have a lid lock or can I open
    during the cycle?

    And what does it do after the presoak happens? Does it drain or does it go right into the wash cycle?

    Thank you!!

  33. Can you please tell me if 575 has a lock lid or does it pause when you open?

    Does machine continue to wash cycle by itself when soak cycle is done?

    • Katherine,

      The Maytag mvwp575gw does have a lid lock, but it only locks during the spin portion of the cycle. When the lid is locked, you will need to press the green button to pause the washer. Once the basket stops spinning, the lid will unlock and the lid can be opened. A red light on the control panel indicates the lid is locked. It also makes a click sound when unlocked.

      To pause the washer for more than 10 minutes, press the green button with the lid closed.

      If you open the lid during a portion of the cycle the lid is not locked, the machine stops filling or agitating.

      The water does drain out if the washer senses the lid is open for more than ten minutes unless you disable the lid lock. You can also disable the lid lock (not recommended for households with small children, disabled individuals, or curious pets), so the lid can be open or closed when the washer is paused or that it continues to fill or agitate with the lid open. If you do this, consider adding a safety lockout device that keeps the washer from being plugged in when not in use. Supervise the washer closely when in use. BTW, I recommend unplugging the washer when not in use and keeping it plugged into a surge protector when in use. It does have a control board (to the best of my knowledge there are no current washers sold that have a timer only now :-().

      The machine presoak cycle lasts about ten minutes. It does not drain the water out and progresses to wash cycle on its own.

  34. What’s the best detergent to use with these machines? Thanks for your reviews!

    • Soap is a matter of preference, I personally like powder detergent. As long as you use the appropriate amount ( not too much) you’ll be fine

    • From what I understand there is no actual difference in the size of the tub. It is just the way they measure the tub.

  35. Hi Eugene,
    I want to personally thank you for the time and interest that you’ve dedicated to “helping others”. I can’t remember the last time meeting someone as generous as you, with your time. Hopefully, this will transfer to a decided increase of your business and revenue.

    Actually, what you’ve accomplished is a very much needed “social contribution” to all of us out there on a fixed income. Your research and professional photography make the decision process so much better in making a very important purchase. We’ve been without a washer for some time, making our own conclusions and comparisons. Finding your videos have been a blessing!
    Again, THANK YOU from us, and on behalf of the thousands anguishing to deal with this type of purchase.

    Chuck /737

  36. Eugene, thank you for your honest reviews and videos. I have decided not to buy the Speed Queen TR7 or the TR5, I was considering these. I am however still considering the new Speed Queen TC5. What do you think of this new model? I wonder why this model only offers a 3 year warranty?

    • Hi it’s been some.time since this review was posted. Do you know if their is a Larger version of this washer available? I saw a maytag bravo xl but it looks completely different.

      • No, all the other Maytags are inferior. This washer can wash a queen comforter in 35 minutes.

  37. Very interested in the washer! Our standpipe drain is about 5.5ft high. Any reason why this washer wouldn’t be able to pump to this height?

  38. I had a set of these installed today. Already ran 2 loads in them. Thanks for the videos that shaped my decision. Is the dryer actually 1″ lower or can the legs on the dryer be screwed out to get the dryer to the same height as the washer?

  39. So happy I found your site. After 2 front loaders within 10 years I just want my “agitator back”. Great job on comparing the Maytag Commercial model (MVWP575GW) and the new 2019 TC5000 Speed Queen (loved the side by side comparison and definitely gave it a “thumbs up”) I know you lean towards the Maytag but do you think with the current offering of the 10 year Warranty from Speed Queen, that would be a better bet in the long run? Again, much thanks for all the time, effort and honesty you put into your reviews.

  40. 1) I was told by my repairman that direct drive is still the very best and to consider buying a “used” washing machine instead of a new one because none of them have direct drive or mechanical dial.

    2) I’m wondering if the Speed Queen 2019 should be considered.

    3) Not being able to choice the water level (except for two choices) and not being able to fill with hot water are huge negatives.

    Wondering if the 2019 COMMERCIAL Speed Queen should be looked at or should I buy an older, used washing machine.

    Thanks very much!

    • Hi, Rose!

      I have owned the Maytag mvwp575gw for about 18 months now. The automatic temperature control’s purpose seems to be to maintain a minimum wash temperature for the deep water cycles (hot water may be added to cool and cold washes) AND to control the temperature of the Normal “Eco” cycle. I set my water heater at the recommended 120 degrees F. Bulky, Delicates, Mixed, and Powerwash are deep water cycles and appear to be tap hot when the wash temperature is set to Hot. I have gotten the same results when briefly testing at higher temperatures.

      I don’t know what the ratio of hot to cold is when setting the wash temperature to warm, cool, or cold. Those temperatures seem to be close to what I would expect. However, the temperature of the water heater and incoming cold water supply can cause results to vary for others. If you would like them a little warmer, you can always start by filling the washer with the temperature set to Hot and then switch to the desired temperature for the remainder of the fill. Rinses are always cold. You cannot change the wash cycle, for example, from Powerwash to Normal.

      The Normal “Eco” is temperature controlled and the ONLY half tub wash with spray rinse. Even with the wash temperature set to hot, the final wash temperature is luke warm. It is warm enough that I feel the detergent can work. Surprisingly, it works well for quick washes AND half loads. If needed (for example, small load of whites), I either add hot water manually or restrict the flow of the cold water (will not work if completely turned off) while the tub is filling. It just takes longer to fill. This washer fills by alternating hot or cold but not both at the same time. Remember to turn the cold back on all the way for the rinse portion of the cycle. If you want a half tub rinse, just run a second wash cycle but do not add any detergent. I do this when I need to use Lysol laundry sanitizer (which is added to the rinse cycle). The washer can be paused more than ten minutes if the lid is CLOSED or the lid lock is disabled (not recommended for households with small children, disabled individuals, or curious pets).

      I can wash a Normal “Eco” load in about 25 minutes and a Powerwash load in about 45 minutes. I had an LG front loader that spun at 1200 rpm max. Although this washer spins at a max rpm of 700, I have not noticed a significant difference in dry time (less than ten minutes even for my heavier cotton loads or jeans).

      User assumes all risks for trying suggested modifications.

      The Maytag mvwp575gw washer 18 months later is still my overall number one pick for cleaning performance in top loads. I think the SQ TC5000 might have an edge for durability and convenience (half loads are available for all main cycles) and still has good wash performance. However, the SQ is also at least $250 to $300 more depending on where you live. Maytag mvwp575gw has a five year parts and labor warranty, and SQ offers a three-year parts and labor warranty (although they sometimes have a promotion that extends this warranty).

      I realize this is probably too late to help you, but I hope this information is helpful to others.

  41. Hi, I’m hoping you can help. After weeks of research, including reading this post, I convinced my husband to special order this washer. And I hate it. Our clothes smell a ton better (previously had a front loader) but clothes are just not getting clean. If there is any food or bodily fluid on them, forget it, it’s coming out with a significant amount still on the clothing not to mention any stains. I’ve changed detergents several times, fill the drum less than half full, and always use one of the powerwall settings on hot. Stains that used to just come out with my previous washer take several washes, including having to scrub in stain remover, and some clothing I have to boil in a big pot on my stove to get clean (I have two young children and a husband who works in a trade).
    I just wanted a machine that would get clothes clean the first go around without a ton of prep work except maybe spray stains and now I am spending so much of my free time doing laundry! Is this really the best washer out there?!

  42. Hi Eugene,
    Just found your videos and want to thank you for your comparisons. I presently have a Bosch front loader washer and dryer I purchased in 2008. Love them and they wash great, but they are on the pedestals and during the spins the washer shakes my whole house! My laundry is on the 2nd floor, and because of this I am looking at getting new machines. I have a family of 6, so lots of laundry. I am going between the Speed Queen TC5 and Maytag commercial. Where I live both machines are $899, but between now and September 30 I can also get a 10 year warranty on the speed queen with the promotion they are running. I am leaning towards that machine and want to know which machine is quieter and do either one of them rock when they spin? Which would you recommend for a second-floor laundry?

  43. Hi, I am getting ready to purchase this machine my question is, Does it have a small, med, L setting? if not then, does that mean it weighs the load? or is every fill the exact same regardless of size?

    • No water level control, it does not sense. Normal wash program is a 1/2 tub water, everything else is a full tub.

  44. Hello Mr. Pallas,

    I’d like to add my sincere thanks to the ever-increasing numbers of consumers who so appreciate all the time you’ve devoted to helping us find quality washers.

    As yet, I do not see any questions asked about your opinion of the best coin-operated top-loading washers for multi-family residential properties. Our residents abused our existing machine causing it’s early demise by constantly overloading it and not distributing items evenly. I am looking for a model that also has a lid that does not lock, since people force it open at times.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas and recommendations!

  45. Dear Sir, I purchased 2 Maytag commercial top loaders without the coin slots just like the one you have pictured. Each machine does about 15 loads a week.
    After 3 weeks now they started rocking and banging during spin load. As an example with 5 twin sheets in each load (not an overload).
    I wonder if this is a sign of imbalance or of worn springs already?

  46. If I read the user manual correctly, it says that if you press cancel, it drains the water. Is that correct? That would be a deal breaker for me. Sometimes I like to start over on a cycle or just do the rinse again. If it drains the water when canceling a cycle that’s useless to me.

  47. Hello: I was really glad to find this info. Thank you for all the work you have done to provide us with help to choose. I have been looking at the Maytag commercial in the stores but notice this review is about a 2018. Is there a 2019 version that I should be looking at? If so have you reviewed it also? Thanks!

  48. Eugene,
    We are a family of 8, plus share our laundry room with our family next door, family of 4, and living very remotely, I also do 2 other elderly couples laundry for them, so I do min. of 2-4 loads daily 6 days/week, some days 6-7 loads. Our top load Frigidaire washer just burned out the motor and we are looking for a good reliable machine with the very large amounts of laundry we do. We just learned about Speed Queens today, and now this MayTag commercial machine. SQ is offering a 10 year waranty which has my interest quite piqued. What would be your recommendation??

    • Both are excellent choices, You just have to decide if an additional 5 years of warranty is worth the extra $300 ish dollars

  49. Hi, I’m an old appliance tech. I’ve been through Whirlpool belt drives when they had wig wags, the Whirlpool direct drive that replaced them, and the newest version. This Maytag has the same guts as all the Whirpools, Amanas, Ropers, etc. And the other Maytags. These seem to fail in 5 to 8 years. Some gearcases fail in the first or second year. Anyhow, I’d never consider one of these for commercial use, unless I had a pile of gearcases and shifters. And spare control boards. Just my 2 cents. The new style SpeedQueen seemed ok to me- I was horrified at first, but they seemed to do a good job. Easy to service if needed, less complicated than the gearcase version. I’m surprised to hear anything bad about them, really. Now, don’t get me started on Samsung refrigerators. I’ll talk smack about them all day long.

    • Yes, mine broke after 3 washes, the control board burned. It was replaced under warranty in about a week. It’s good that this machine has 5 year warranty, and also I’ve got two additional years via credit card. Otherwise Speed Queen TC5000WN with 10 years warranty would be what I’d buy. I also have one direct drive KitchenAid Superba, which works fine, and is more controllable than this Maytag. And I also have Miele W1926, which is around 18 years old, and still working like a champ. But this is another league compared to both this Maytag and direct drive machines.

      • Just purchased Miele W&D with hopes these last 18-20 yrs. After week one, wow – these little guys are so well engineered, craftmanship is off the chart, and the clothes are markedly cleaner, feel to the touch a noticeably more well cared for during W&D.
        I diverted from buying SQ TC5 after reading/hearing all the complaints about Customer Service but specifically, they reduced their 5 yr warranty to 3 yrs on their TR500 replacement (TC500) which to me was a red flag if it was truly a replacement for their flawed TR500.

  50. I’m considering a Maytag Commercial washer, but keep hearing about how great front loaders are. What are your thoughts on the Maytag commercial vs a good front loader? I have four small kids and appreciate great performance, but I also would like something that isn’t too hard on my clothes. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  51. Recently I was in the market for a washer and found a Whirlpool direct drive. Problem was the seller lied to me and I didn’t test it and so I had a bad mechanically machine. Not to be defeated I did the youtube tutorials and did the repair. Direct drive is an easy fast fix. I am now in the direct drive business, finding low cost and broken machines and reselling out of my garage. I am sold on these direct drives for old school. In my opinion they can not be beat. I will not take a chance on anything new ever again, well except for the Maytag MVWP575GW which is an excellent machine. If you are wondering about bulky bedding which isn’t washed too often then still use a top loader for everyday and then take the bulky items to a laundrymatt, you will be far ahead. I have two direct drives in my home laundry, love them.

  52. Curious if anyone has considered or reviewed Miele W&D vs the ones we’re seeing (SQ/Maytag)?

  53. Curious if anyone has considered or reviewed Miele W&D vs the ones we’re seeing (SQ/Maytag)?
    All the interest in quality build, excellent wash and drying and features seem to be mixed with most of the brands being profiled but I keep reading / reviewing Miele and seems they are the real deal for quality, cleaning and protecting clothes and for features. I recognize cost and capacity is obvious barriers but brand for brand, how do these stack up?

  54. This info is great. I currently have a SQ and I think it is the dreaded 2018 TR5. Can’t check at the moment because I have a load in the wash. I’ll be honest, I loved it at first, but over the last few months it just doesn’t clean our clothes. Full disclosure: we are a family of 13, and we use cloth diapers (7 in diapers). I put it through the wringer. But I need it to work. Do you think this Maytag would work for our heavy duty needs? Do I have any recourse with SQ over their crappy washer?

  55. Hi Eugene,
    I purchased a MVWP575GW after watching your excellent comparison videos. I have had it about one year. I noticed whether it is on a deep fill cycle or non deep fill cycle the water level in the tub is the same – about 3/4 of way full. Is this a common failure? I thought that a normal cycle was about half full and the deep fill filled the tub to almost the top. Is there any way to fix this without calling a repairmen (some sort of reset or adjustment)? I have had real bad luck with repairmen making more problems than are fixed recently. I can live with the way it is working as it cleans the clothes well, but if there is some simple well-known fix I can do here….
    Thanks in advance

    • I’ve not heard of any issues like that. If your water pressure is good and the water fills normally the only things it could be is possibly the pressure tube or the main board that the pressure tube connects to.

  56. Aloha Eugene,

    In your opinion is the Maytag MVWP575GW still a better buy than the new SQ TC5000WN when it comes to reliability.


  57. I just purchased this machine last night and on my first load it filled the tub all the way to the top! Hooray. However, what if I just have a small load that I want to wash on delicate. Is my only option to still have the tub fill completely to the top with water? That seems wasteful.

    I wanted lots of water, but apparently I also want some control over when I use lots of water. Previously I washed almost everything on delicate except jeans and bedding/towels to keep my clothes looking their best.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  58. Hi Eugene –

    I see that one of the box stores offers the MVWP576KW and was wondering if this is made the same way as the MVWP575GW. Is this a new version of the same model, or a different version that does not have the dual agitator? Is there any other Maytag commercial model that you like as well as the MVWP575GW?

    Thank you for the advice!

    • I called Maytag and was told the 575 and 576 (at Lowe’s) are the same unit BUT the 575 has the full 5 year parts and labor warranty and the 576 (Lowe’s) is just a 1 year parts and labor (so you’d have to buy an extended warranty). The thing is the 575 sells for around $800-850 at independently shops, and the 576 on Lowe’s is $850. So why buy the 576 for the same price and then pay extra for extended warranty?

  59. Hi Eugene,
    Your videos are consistently the best! I’m in such a quandary because I love what I see in this Maytag Commercial 575 but it’s small. I don’t want bells and whistles, just clean clothes. Are there any machines besides the Maytag Commercial that are just as good but larger capacity?

  60. I am looking for a machine where I can pause the fill up and change the water temperature so that I can get a temperature that is somewhere between two settings. Does this machine allow one to change the temperature mid-way?
    Also, from videos, the delicate cycle seems to agitate extremely slowly. Do you have any experience if it actually cleans the clothes? Also, can it properly rinse out detergent if the agitation is so slow?
    Thank you!