Maytag Commercial Top Load Washer MVWP575GW This is The Closest Thing To An Old School Washer I Have Ever Seen

After the post-Speed Queen apocalypse, (read more about that HERE ), I found myself unable to sell ANY new washers to my customers. Thankfully I had the sense to stock up on 2017 model Speed Queens so I had some time to figure out a replacement. (sorry, all the 2017’s are sold) I found this washer and (most) of my prayers were answered. 


How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, hook them up in my store and run them at least 10 times until I get a feel for how they work.  I do my own laundry in these machines to give a true “real world” test. 

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:   1. performance (20pts) 2. cost    (20pts) 3. build quality (repair-ability) (20pts) 4. how long I think it will last. (20pts) 5. My general feelings towards the machine (20pts)   Just for the record, I don’t believe any appliance will ever, ever get a score of 100.  I don’t even think there will be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see.   

The review:

This washer blew me away when I first tested it. In the vast sea of crap washing machines, this little gem really shines.   Never have I ever thought I would find a new washer that performs almost as well as my coveted vintage washers.  


Maytag finally made something that is worthy of their name.  Let me be up front: There are a lot of crap Maytag washers out there, but this one is not crap.  In fact, its one of the best I have ever tested.  It fills up all the way with water, it circulates the clothes properly, it rinses well.  The Maytag Commercial actually cleans clothes… Imagine that.  


This washer has a MSRP of around $879, but most are selling in the $799 range.  Pretty good value based on the performance it delivers.

Build Quality

This part is going to be a bit tricky.  This washer is relatively new, so there is not really enough data to come to a conclusion.  It looks really well built, the panels feel stiff, like real metal kind of stiff.  It doesnt look real fancy, although I find it to be very attractive. I guess its in the eye of the beholder.  

Basically every part looks like one of their basic residential parts, just beefier.  



The Maytag does come with a 5 YEAR parts and Labor warranty.  This warranty comes directly from Maytag. Ive heard of a few reports of some washers being delivered “dead on arrival” but not really enough to make me feel concerned. At this time, I cant really say if it will be a reliable machine with 100% certainty, but I think it going to be a winner.

Personal Opinion

I was so pleased with how this washer performs that I started selling it in my store.  This washer is not a huge capacity, nor is it particularly energy efficient.  At 3.5 cubic feet, you can comfortably wash 6 full size bath towels with some room to spare.  The Maytag will actually clean them, which is something of a rarity these days with washers.  It will also do it in less than 3 hours.  A typical cycle on the MT is about 40 minutes.  

If you are at your wit’s end with washers that have poor performance, stink, leak, break down, and shake all over the place, Take a look at this Maytag.  Im not saying “take a look at Maytag”, Im saying “take a look at THIS Maytag”.  This particular model #MVWP575G is unlike all the rest of the Maytags. 

Build Quality18
Longevity17* (not sure)
Total Score89

Watch all the videos on this washer HERE

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