LG Top Load WT1901CW. Huge Capacity, and It Actually Works

I Feel like Im wasting my time reviewing this washer as it has been discontinued.  I happen to still have a few left, and overall its a pretty nice washer.

How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, hook them up in my store and run them at least 10 times until I get a feel for how they work.  I do my own laundry in these machines to give a true “real world” test. There is absolutely nothing scientific about my tests.

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:1. performance (20pts) 2. cost    (20pts) 3. build quality (repair-ability) (20pts) 4. how long I think it will last. (20pts) 5. My general feelings towards the machine (20pts)Just for the record, I don’t believe any appliance will ever, ever get a score of 100.  I don’t even think there will be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see.

The review:

LG has really got me questioning my “I Hate washers with no agitator” stance.   This machine, along woth the WT1501CW really impressed me with their ability to turn over a load of clothes, and actually get them clean.  Im not going to say this is an amazing washer, but if you are looking for a huge capacity top loader with no agitator, LG makes one of the best.


Again, Its certainly not the best Ive tested, but if you MUST have a top load washer with a huge capacity and no agitator, this is one of the best.


This washer has a MSRP of around $879, but most are selling in the $699 range.  Pretty good value based on the performance it delivers.

Build Quality

Nothing special, it is a typical foreign built appliance.  It has a very simple design, making it very easy to service.  It looks like its designed to last about 10 years, and not much more than that.


Nowadays, if you get more than 5 years out of a washer, you are lucky.  Generally speaking the LG is longer lasting than a lot of other brands.  That said, don’t expect to pass this washer on to your grandchildren.  I would expect this washer to give you at least 7 years under normal circumstances, before its first repair.

Personal Opinion

After stewing around for a bit, I still dont care for the no agitator style washers, LG manages to pull this one off.  This washer is respectable by any standard, certainly not the best, and definitely not the worst.
Build Quality12
Total Score65
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