Vintage Appliances

Our Vintage Appliances we grade the condition into 1 of 4 categories:

  1. As Found - Not Working: The appliance was picked up and tested, found to have one or more defects. See description for details.  Unit has not been cleaned or repaired in any way.  These appliances are sold completely as is, with no warranty whatsoever.
  2. As Found - Working: The appliances has been fully tested and is deemed to be functional.  No repairs were done. Units in this category may need some minimal work done, (ie. cleaning, adjustments, replace cord, etc).  Unit has not been cleaned or has had minimal cleaning.  These units are sold completely as is, with no warranty whatsoever.
  3. Reconditioned: These appliances have been tested and repaired. Reconditioned appliances will be fully functional, unless noted otherwise in description.  Reconditioned appliances have had minimal cleaning, but are in somewhat respectable condition.  These units are sold as is, with no warranty whatsoever. 
  4. Partial Restoration: These appliances have been mechanically reconditioned, and are working as designed. The appliance will be fully functional unless noted otherwise.   These are partially dismantled in order to facilitate necessary repairs.   These units are cleaned as much as they can be without full disassembly.  The unit may still have some minor rust, dull/ pitted chrome, and some defects in paint/ porcelain.  Warranty if applicable is noted in description .
  5. Fully Restored: This appliance has been fully reconditioned and is in 100% working (as designed) condition.  These appliances are dismantled to their basic framework. All mechanical systems are renewed and functional, and every component removed is cleaned/ painted.  Chrome is shiny, with minimal/ no pitting, or has been redone.  Porcelain has been refinished, or is in “like new” original condition.  These units may have minor scuffs or surface scratches, typical with an appliance that would be considered used, but in “like new” condition.  Warranty if applicable in description. 
GE Monitor Top CK-2-C16
GE Monitor Top CK-2-C16


GE "Stratoliner" Speedster J401
GE "Stratoliner" Speedster J401


Roper Built Kenmore  103.7446862
Roper Built Kenmore 103.7446862