Brand new appliances are typically sold with a manufacturers warranty. Warranty details on new items can be found by contacting the manufacturer.

MAJOR APPLIANCES sold as “Pre-owned” will have a 6 month warranty. Appliances sold as “Refurbished” will have a 12 month warranty. Appliances sold AS-IS will have no warranty. The warranty begins on the date of purchase.
This warranty is limited to the appliance only and will not extend to any collateral or peripheral damage, loss, injury, economic or otherwise, that may result from the operation, installation or failure of the appliance. We will at our sole discretion, either repair or replace the appliance with a product of equal or greater value of our choice. In the event of replacement the original date of purchase will still apply to any warranty term. It is important to remember that these are USED appliances and cannot be reasonably expected to conform to the same satisfaction as new products. It will however, operate satisfactorily as a used machine and can be examined by customer prior to purchase. If a service call is made while the appliance is under warranty, and the problem is due to user error, faulty or non-operational electrical wiring or plumbing, improper installation, or if the appliance proves to be working as intended, the customer will be subject to a service charge of $60.00. Failure to pay the aforementioned service charge will render the remainder of the warranty NULL and VOID.  Any warranty will be IMMEDIATELY voided by evidence of FLOODING, ABUSE, USE OF THE APPLIANCE FOR OTHER THAN IT’S INTENDED PURPOSE, DAMAGE, BUG INFESTATION, OR EVIDENCE OF ATTEMPTED UNAUTHORIZED REPAIRS.
The in home repair service area is limited to Cuyahoga County, Ohio, however products outside that area can be returned, with prior approval, to the store at customer’s expense. The ORIGINAL receipt is required for ANY and ALL warranty service.
ELECTRONICS    Same as above, but limited to a period of thirty (30) days.
FURNITURE     No warranty of any kind.

All sales are FINAL. There are no refunds or exchanges available for any products purchased, other than as set forth herein. Any purchased merchandise not picked up within fourteen (14) days from date of purchase will be considered abandoned by the purchaser and will be placed back into stock. No deposit refund will be available. Any deposit paid will be considered a restocking charge.