2019 Speed Queen Washer TC5000WN AWN632SP116TW01

Speed Queen, after their disastrous launch of the new TR series washer in 2018, have brought back their old style washer for 2019, the TC5000WN, or AWN632SP116TW01, aka, the Speed Queen Classic.  It’s been mostly a quiet launch, no parades, not “best washer yet”, or “5% better”, it just quietly made it to the showroom floors of most Speed Queen Dealers.  It’s not even on their website.

How I test them:

Because I am no longer a Speed Queen Dealer, I had to go to my (not so) local Speed Queen Dealer and plunk down $1039 for this thing.  I have run more than 20 different loads on a variety of different cycles on this machine.  Essentially nothing in my review is scientific in any way, just my expert opinion and observations.

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:
1. Performance (20)
2. Cost    (20pts)
3. Build quality (reparability) (20pts)
4. How long I think it will last (20pts)
5. My general feelings towards the machine (20pts)
Just for the record, I don’t believe any washer will ever get a score of 100.  I don’t even think there will be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see. 

The review:

Probably due to the tremendous amount of negative feedback from last year’s 2018 TR series machines, the “2017” style washer is magically back in their lineup.  Speed Queen probably realized that no one was buying their “washes 5% better” crap, and quickly reversed course and brought back their tried and true legacy machine.  Bringing this machine back is the best decision SQ has made in YEARS.  Second best decision they made was to FIRE the engineers that designed the TR series washer (wink, wink, SQ, I know). The third best decision they COULD make is to publicly apologize for how they treated me last year. Read more about that HERE. Fourth would be to fire whoever is in charge of public relations for not calling me a year ago, or ever for that matter. I know it sounds like I am ranting, and I am, a little.


The “new” TC5000 is basically a 2017 SQ in disguise, but for some reason, not quite as good.  Let me just say up front that this is overall a properly good washer, and better than most of the garbage out there today.  That said, the TC5 does not have a water level switch, but will give you a full tub of water and a pretty vigorous agitation.  Overall this is a good washer, and if you simply can’t bring yourself to buy the Maytag Commercial washer then I would say this is the next best thing.


Insane.  I paid $1039 for this washer.  Let’s just put things in perspective : this washer is almost identical to the “8 series” washer of 2017 which only sold for $899.  The 2017 version also had more options than this one. This is flat out a cash grab by SQ.  I can see their boardroom conversation going something like this: ” If they want the old style washer, F*#ck em’ make them pay through the nose for it.  We need the money anyway”.

I have been in the appliance business for a long time, and I can tell you this washer is no thousand dollar washer.  This is the part where they should fire the marketing guy at SQ. $999 Sounds a lot better than $1039.  They priced it as such to make their TR series washer look like a better deal.  The TR7 is only $50 more with 4 more years of warranty, the TR5 is $50 cheaper with 2 years more warranty, and the TR3 is $150 cheaper with the same warranty.  This is all to catch some unsuspecting shopper in to buying their flop of a washer that is the TR.

Build quality

Nothing but praise here. This washer is built in just about the same way as the 2017 version, solid feeling components, heavy, although it seems to wash slightly different, I just cant put my finger on what has changed.  The modern console design is appealing.


Generally speaking Speed Queen makes a very durable machine.  It’s not that they last forever, it’s that they are very repairable.  You can expect to service the belt on these washers every 5-7 years or so, and full rebuilds after 15 years.

Personal opinion:

I used to be a Speed Queen fan boy, and in a lot of ways I still am.  When I was selling the Speed Queen line I was looking at these machines through rose colored glasses.  The bottom line is this:  This is a great performing washer that will likely have the same life span of previous SQ models of this type.

Performance 12
Cost 7
Build Quality 19
Longevity 18
Personal 8
Total Score 64