Speed Queen completely redesigned their top load washer for 2018. It is really different fom the previous generation. Really, really different.

Applicable models:

TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN, AWNE9RSN115TW01

How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, take them home, and use them for anywhere between 60 days, and all the way up to 6+ months.  I have children, and they get EVERYTHING dirty. Needless to say, I have a never-ending supply of dirty laundry. After my wife threatened me with divorce, I just started bringing my laundry to my shop for testing.  That is how I tested this Speed Queen.

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:
1. Performance (20pts)
2. Cost    (20pts)
3. Build Quality (Repairablity) (20pts)
4. Durability and Longevity (20pts)
5. My Personal Opinion (20pts)
Just for the record, I don’t believe any washer will ever get a score of 100.  I doubt there will ever be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see. 

The review:

Speed queen AWNE9RSN115TW01, aka TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN washer.
This is a very difficult review to write, as its caused me quite a bit of stress over the last few months.  For those you who do not know, Speed Queen completely redesigned their washer for 2018.  It boasts a higher spin speed, now has a lid lock, and has a completely different wash system.  Speed Queen also claims that the washer performs 4.7% better than the previous model.
The problem is, it doesn’t.
I washed upwards of 40 loads in this new style machine, specifically the TR7000WN.  This is Speed Queen’s most expensive model coming in at almost $1100.  This washer was set to come out around March of this year, but because I was one of Speed Queen’s fanboys I was able to get an early production model in Late December.  It was like Christmas for me.  I was so excited to test this new design and start promoting it.


At first, I was very optomistic about the new design.  The new washer does not agitate like a traditional top loader.  The new Queen uses an “Agi-Tub” design, meaning that the agitator is physically bolted to the wash tub.  During agitation, the spin basket and the agitator move as one single unit. This method has been tried many times in the past. Frigidaire came out with something back in the late 70’s, and again around 2012.  Both of them failed miserably.  The TR7 is a slightly different version of the same thing.  It certainly performs better than the first two “Agi-Tubs”, but that is just about where it ends.

With small loads and flexible fabrics, this washer does OK.  Not great, but OK. Its when you start doing full loads and stiffer fabrics that this machine basically falls flat on it’s face.  I tried washing 5 pair of my fleece lined work pants, and I got zero “turnover” (clothes circulation), and worse, I wound up with soap stains on my pants after the load was complete.  Thinking I made a mistake loading, or perhaps I tried the wrong cycle, I retried this same test 4 more times.  My results were pretty consistent.  I washed a variety of different loads, including whites (underwear and undershirts), shirts, pants, a queen set of sheets, a queen comforter, a load of hand towels, and more. 90% of the loads I tried were flat out unacceptable.

The bottom line…. This washer does not perform very well.


At around $1100, this washer is more expensive than the previous generation, and also more expensive than better performing models by other manufacturers.

Build Quality

I have nothing but praise here.  This washer is the best built washer I have ever seen.  It has very few moving parts, rock solid electronics, and a lot of heavy steel components.


I truly think this washer can last every bit of 15 years before needing any kind of service.  Looking at the guts of this machine, I really can’t see any weak spot in the build.  Im sure that SQ left no stone unturned here.  Every part is over built, and nothing in this washer feels “cheap”.  Time will tell.

Personal Opinion

Several months ago I started publishing full wash videos on my YouTube account.  A lot of people wanted to actually see how the machine performs during a real wash cycle.  I also started doing a type of “VLOG” review on machines I tested.  After running many loads on the TR7, I decided that this was not a washer that I wanted to sell to my customers.  Its really expensive, and it just couldn’t  perform on the normal day-to-day cycles that I put it through.  After publishing my video review on YouTube, I got a call from my distributor, who had recieved a call from the VP of marketing at Speed Queen.  They did not like my less than glowing review of their new model, and they pulled my license to sell Speed Queen appliances. Within days, I was removed from their website, and I no longer had access to anything. I asked my distributor to have them call me directly, but to no avail. Thats it… with no reasoning or direct conversation from SQ.

Back to the washer. The bottom line is this: The washer costs $1100.  For that kind of money it should perform well on a variety of different loads (all loads, if you ask me).  This washer doesn’t. Yes, it will last a very, very long time. In fact, I would bet you will get rid of it long before it ever breaks.  What good is a reliable washer if it doesn’t clean your clothes?  I tested a $300 washer that cleaned way better.  If you wash a few items at a time, and use plenty of soap with extra rinse, you may have decent results with this machine.  For normal people (like me) who just need to put some laundry in and have it come out clean, this washer wont deliver.

Build Quality19
Total Score48

145 comments on “WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY A SPEED QUEEN WASHER! REVIEW: New 2018 Speed Queen Washer TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN

  1. Hello–what is the $300 washer that performed better? I might like to just buy that one!

      • Hello Eugene,

        Based on references and a need to find a washer with less than a 26″ width, I was leaning toward the 2018 Speed Queen.

        With this challenge and a 3.2+ cu need can you provide me with a recommendation?

        Joe, who’s been on this quest for over a week.

        • Thats a tough one. If you can manage to get the door opening to 27 inches it will dramatically increase your options. The Maytag commercial is 26.5 inches deep.

          • maytag, ha ha, ha. They went to trash after Whirlpool brought them. Top load Whirlpools, Kenmore, Maytag life is 6 years. per Whirlpool Factory Service Techs.

          • I agree about Maytag. Which I thought was the best. We bought a front loader Neptune Maytag set and the washer lasted 7 years. Impossible to work on. Dryer is still going after 17 years but is having problems for the last couple years! Now we have a 4 year old Speed Queen top loader that is off balance most of the time. Tried the balance ring. It is fine. Feet are fine? Springs and belts are fine.

      • I spent $2099. on a new Speed Queen washer and dryer at the first of the year (2019). I am now on a first name basis with the repair man. I keep getting Ed 34 error codes on the washer. The computer was recently changed but sill getting the shut down and code. I am not impressed with the machine at all. Also clothes often need to be rewashed to come clean. I doubt I will be purchasing another speed queen in the future. Wish I still had my Whirlpool.

        • I bought a new sq washer and dryer . Probably the last model they made before this new one. My problem is soap suds coming back up out of drain pipe. I have never had washer to do that ever. Do you know what the problem might be? I’ve seen several other people are having same problem.

          • You are suppose to use HD low sudsing detergent. I bought my washer because they had a special 10 year warranty. I doesn’t clean well. Now I have an expensive machine that will probably last a long time but won’t clean the clothes. We are two older people so the clothes don’t get really filthy. Glad I didn’t have this when the kids were home.

    • Thanks so much for the information. Fortunately we chose the commercial one. Hopefully it will be better.

  2. Are you just talking about the TR7? I’m thinking about getting the TR5 and wondering how you feel about it’s performance. Thanks!

    • buy a lwn432 speed queen model they are the same as the 2017 and before but you must register them as a business . I sell them for 40 years in pa

        • awn432sp113tw04 is one of the better speed queen but I bought it 10-27-16. I wish I bought 3 of them that day. I have been looking for the 2017 year washer which is the awn432. I found on internet awn432 BUT when they was getting ready to send the 2 washers it said LWN432 NOT awn432 on the invoice. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. The awn432sp113tw04 has the hot, warm, cold—-mini, small, med, exlarge and reset BUT NOT the lwn432. so be VERY careful. I live in Michigan and I was willing to travel to California is get two of the awn432 but when the sale person called me back (2nd internet sales) and said no these are lwn432. I said that is FALSE advertisement!!! I have to have more then one washer in this house because my youngest has a rare skin disease and no one else clothes can be washed with his clothes BUT his clothes has to washed/rinse extremely good OR he looks like he has chicken pox extremely bad. and you know how kids tease other kids and it is not his fault. GOVERNMENT should of never got involved with humans washing their own clothes. it is extremely hard to find a washer that will fill up in washing AND the rinse cycle but cleans the clothes at the same time.

      • I am looking fir the older model speed queen. I had a flood in my home and want to replace with this model. I live in SW Kansas. Is there anywhere I may purchase a new older model washer. Thank you Brenda

        • Read they now make an old style 2019 where it has agitator separate from the tube with mechanical not digital controls

      • Can you tell me if the 2019 model of Speed Queen LWN432 still have real agitator or is it the undesirable Agi-tub.

  3. Eugene – are the 2017 models as the earlier models and a good investment. I read that SQ had to change to the 2018 design to comply with the federal mandated regulations regarding water conservation. We have purchased 2 HE machines in as many years and have been very disappointed in performance and reliability. The GE unit just stops and requires unplugging the unit and open / close the lid 6 times within 12 to reset the motor. That operation does not work. We have to call the GE repairman to reset the computer with his laptop! What kind of operation is that. I have put a great deal of time into determining the best washing machine for the average size family and the T3 seems to be the best. Now, it appears SQ is building the same piece of crap as the other manufacturers. I am interested in purchasing a 2017 T3 while I can still get one. Thank you for your very interesting comment.

    • It seems the inevitable day has come for SQ. My 2015 is evolutionary perfection but it seems those days are over. I would be looking for <2018 models on the new or used market if I needed a new machine.

    • I have been looking for a good washer for about 3 months and afraid to buy new: reviews are scary if you check the bad ones, and they usually have too similar of complaints not to be important. That and the fact that service, repair, and longevity seem NONEXISTENT these days, with a price tag that SHOULD mean just that – long time use. It’s getting to be impossible to wash clothes CLEAN without a lot of PRE- TREATING, to the point that we are headed in the wrong direction – back to hand washing and the roller wringers. I found you via WIRECUTTER, only to have my hopes dashed by your recent experiences with Speed Queen. So now what?! The LG you mention is no longer available, and honestly – the lifespan and LG’s service are downright INSULTING. Since SERVICE seems to be needed more often, sooner, and have limited effectiveness with high costs (warranty or no – due to parts unavailable, back ordered, and/or worthless), there is NO BRAND OF WASHING MACHINE left that is a trustworthy option for consumers. The increasingly HIGH COST and constant discontinuance of models by all these companies is proof there’s evil afoot and if allowed to continue will mean we’ll probably have to settle for a lot less than we ever have, pay tons more, and probably need insurance policies to operate them. Whenever regulations ignore purpose AND consumers, the bureaucracies begin and soon a simple machine is the only object left in a vast network of LEECHES (companies in the name of consumer and environmental protection – and of course greedy & worthless INSURANCE & CREDIT companies). I have nothing against environmental protection, but why is it they latch onto only the small things with fervor and prey on consumers’ hard earned money while making even MORE MONEY AND MORE BUREAUCRATIC ARMS THAN AN OCTOPUS HAS SUCKERS?! More bureaucracy creates more jobs – SURE – but it’s all circular motion with no end except that at some point, we the people will be sucked dry faster than any dryer, and for so long we rot! Corruption is permeating all we know and are surrounded by – big, little, in between – it’s everywhere and we’re becoming climatized or resigned to its ways at every turn, on every level, inside, out, up, down —- it will be all we’ll know if we don’t wake up. Sorry – this was about washers – but that’s my point. Look what happened to this man when he stood up and told the truth about a company he respected but did not agree with. His opinion won’t even be worth anything when there are nothing but these type washers to get and soon to even remember — so the playing field shifts but again. Expectations lowered, prices up, longevity near 0, quality long gone……. and it isn’t just about a washer anymore – reliability, integrity, honesty is becoming obsolete with every advance? Does that even make sense? That’s just it — it’s all senseLESS, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t TRUE. True became TRANSPARENCY for a reason. Transparency is about what we can see through, NOT what IS & what’s right. If we see through it and they get caught enough that it’s a liability to them and the powers that be – they’ll go another way and admit enough to make us believe it’s taken care of – nothing to do with the TRUTH – probably even FURTHER from the Truth, in fact. Relativity can be so forgiving, but it’s base is everchanging – compared to WHAT, WHOM……. until the only comparison is barely one at all because all compare to NOTHING GOOD & certainly NOTHING to do with TRUTH as we knew it. Transparent – becomes clear and bright – a reflection of what we’re becoming with the GLARE of conscience we should feel if we let it go much longer – greed is transparent, but we should be feeling it all too well by now!

  4. What was the agitator design on the pre-2018 Speed Queen washing machines? Thanks for your time.

    • I bought a new sq washer and dryer . Probably the last model they made before this new one. My problem is soap suds coming back up out of drain pipe. I have never had washer to do that ever. Do you know what the problem might be? I’ve seen several other people are having same problem.

  5. What are your thoughts on the new LWN432? Your videos were incredibly helpful. I have wanted a SQ for a long time, but won’t be getting a 2018 one.

    • The lwn432 is built the same way as the old speed queens we know and love. If you can get your hands on one I’d say buy it!

      • Please tell me I bought the right one! I watched your videos and ordered
        LWN432SP115TW01. I’m waiting for it to be delivered. I do not see an R in the model no. Thanks for being so helpful.

          • I see pictures of this model on the internet and some have a “load size” selector and some do not.
            1) Can anyone clarify the model that has load size selector?
            2) Does load size selector equate to water level selection?

  6. Hi Eugene! I have to say I really appreciate your youtube videos! My family (three sisters and mother) all own SQ’s. We purchased an LG front load nine months ago and have had nothing but problems (it shakes so bad it broke the little sidekick washer underneath the main unit). LG and Home Depot have agreed that after 13+ service technicians, they are taking the entire set back. I’ve been front load for the last ten years, however it seems like even the big box stores are turning to top loads as far as popularity lately. I’ve found a 2017 SQ (three year) washer 2 hours one way away, and a dryer at another dealer an hour away. That said, I have three kids and a husband that works behind a desk all day. In your opinion, is this the best washer on the market? Or would you look towards a Maytag commercial (or do you have any other suggestions as to what brand to turn to)? The last thing I want to do is purchase another crappy set. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    • If you can get your hands on a 2017 speed queen I’d go for it. Great performance and a solid track record for reliability. You will have a bit of a learning curve coming from a front loader. If it’s inconvenient, the Maytag commercial unit is fantastic.

      • Thank you so much for your feedback, expertise and videos! I found a 2017 set (took me five hours of travel time to get them), but none the less they’re home, installed and though we’ve only washed a few loads, we are pretty happy. I have to say without your video I probably would have ended up with a 2018 set, so thank you!

      • I have a 2017 in our FL home. Absolutely love it. Just replaced an old washer in our northern home with a 2018 SQ. I instantly noticed the difference. It does not even
        come close to the older ones. I would NOT recommend this new model.. we bought the 7000 series. Overpriced. It may be well built but does not perform. So disappointed !! Another comment: the lid lock is total annoying, not necessary. Also if you open machine for any reason you MUST restart it again. My FL one restarts as soon as lid is closed. Where has the intelligence gone? K.I.S.S. is my motto. Simplicity, quality and performance have been sacrificied. For what reason?

      • Please, I am desperate for a good top leader and can’t find a 2017 speed queen. What is the next washer you would recommend?

      • Eugene – can you please advise me. I just got rid of a 21 year old Maytag set that was still working. Never had service! I ended up with a Maytag MVWB766FW & I have washed ONE load & hate it! First of all I’m only 5’1″ tall & cannot reach the bottom of the tub to get the laundry out! I was trying to decide between the SQ & this Maytag. I want an old school washer. Now I have researched once again until I’m cross-eyed & cannot decide what to do! Any other brand I should look at? This Maytag has to go back. I appreciate your input.

        • First, try and get your old Maytags back. If not, look at my YouTube videos regarding the mvwp575gw. It’s completely different from the garbage you bought. It’s the only new washer that still acts like an old fashioned one.

          • Hi, your info is great. I need a recommendation on a 4.4 or larger washer. everytime I find a good review from a reliable source like you, it is a 3.4 or 3.6. Any help and guidance on a larger model would be greatly apprecaited.

      • so would you say the speed queen lwn432sp115tw01 or the maytag mvwp575gw is the better machine? Ican get both but no labor on speed queen just parts, maytag is also 200$ cheaper
        plus they will bring into house other will be delivered by reputable co but not allowed inside
        I have an old maytag which I have had for about 40 years

        • With performance, they are both similar. The Maytag is $800, 5 years full warranty. The sq $1,000, 3 years parts only. I’d go for the Maytag.

        • What is your opinion of the Maytag model: MVWB766FW?
          It has a water level override.
          Thinking of buying this one being I cannot purchase a Speed Queen 2017.

          I originally was looking at the Speed Queen 2017, Model TR5000.
          I do not want the 2018 model, and just am not really excited about the Maytag MVWP575GW, (it’s just not a Speed Queen)

          5 years ago I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio (it does not wash & the dryer does not dry, I purchased a real lemon, the worst purchase we ever made). Just want a dependable machine. Help please?

  7. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your info on the new 2018 Speed Queen washers. I found a SQ washer at a local store that is AWN43RSN115TW01 – can you tell me if this is a 2017 machine?

    -gary b.

    • Gary, based on that model# I don’t think so. My understanding is that any speed queen model number with an “R” in it is the 2018 version. Also, the 2018 models have a black painted faceplate and the 2017 is white or light grey.

  8. Hi Eugene,
    I so appreciate your reviews, knowledge and experience! We decided to go with the SQ 5000 (2018) anyway because, front loaders… no way. The Maytag 575 has plastic mechanical parts so… even though the 2018 SQs are not the same machines as previous years, we know we will get durability and a great warranty. We just bought the 5000 today. Will update in 6 months. Sure is a lot quieter than our 45 year old Whirlpool that we finally had to give up on because the drum was rusted to the agitator. (Husband has fixed it several times previously).

    • For build quality and reliability you definitely made the right choice. The 2018 is definitely built like a tank.

      My only issue with them is in the performance department. Keep me updated!

      • Is this set comparable quality and performance as the 2017 models??

        LWN432SP115TW01 Top Load Washer and LDE30RGS173TW01 Electric Single Pocket Dryer

  9. Thank you for your review.
    Im going to get a 2017 model. Is there a difference between the lwn52sp113tw01 and the lwn432sp115tw01 besides the manuel controls. Deciding between the two.

  10. Any idea where to find a 2017 model of SQ? All my local appliance stores steer me to the 2018 over all other models.

  11. Thank you for the warning… Have 2017 or 16 model AWN432SP113TW04 that is great. Need to replace another in family, and will not go with a 2018 model. Sad that they changed something that performed so well. Hats off to other posts as well. Strong machine.

  12. I am in the process of purchasing a speed queen tr5, but found a speed queen lwn432sp115tw01 model. Is that one better than the tr5?

      • Eugene,

        I only have room to fit a washer 26 inches wide or less. Was looking at the SQ TR3000WN but your review and others are terrible. Any suggestions? I need a top loader and like an agitator and don’t want to use the expensive detergent. I would appreciate any advise you might have. What do you think of portable washers since space is limited and no one else seems to make a 26 inch or less washer. Thank you.

        • Speed queen released a new washer that is like the old fashioned one (that washes well). Awn632sp116tw01, or TC5000WN

  13. My washer just broke and I am looking at getting a new one. I had pretty much decided on the SQ but then read the reviews on the 2018 models.
    I just talk to the appliance salesman at our local appliance store. He said the New energy saving cycle on the machine does not get clothes clean, it has a kind of misting rinse.
    He said if I use the other cycles it should perform like the previous models. ❓❓

    • The ketchup test video that I show above was the heavy duty cycle. I don’t recall ever using the normal cycle as everyone knows it’s only there to satisfy government regulations.

  14. Just spoke to Eugene. I live in New Jersey and I called him just for advice on a new washing machine. There might not be a nicer Appliance man in America. What a great American. The world needs more Eugenes.
    He is part of the solution not part of the problem. Thank you again

    • Are the 2019 models the same as the 2018? I was getting ready to get a new SQ in order to get rid of my Whirlpool because of the problem of not cleaning. If I am going to have the same problem with a new one might as well just save my money


  15. Your post was too late to save me from horrific experience with a top loading Speed Queen TR300WN delivered 2/28/18. I was seeking what I believed to be a reliable bare bones washing machine. My thoughts the simpler the better, less to go wrong. The machine is used approximately 5 times a month. 5 months into washer ownship I had major issues with lid lock..again today 10/19/18 lid lock has malfunctioned and my newly washed..wet..clothes are trapped in the washer for who knows how long as it is Friday. From day one the machine requires me to add liquid detergent dilute with water, as the automated detergent dispenser does nothing more than stain clothes with soap. Yes, I am pouring this solution directly on the clothing and bypassing dispenser. Of major concern is the 100% lack of concern from Speed Queen corporation.i am told there is nothing they can the store where it was purchased..or call the distributor for that store. Jennifer at Speed Queen hung up on me..Anthony at Speed Queen just talked in circles. This is really a bare bones washer that cannot keep up with minimal use. So what it has 3 year warranty. Thank you Lorain Furniture better late than never to call out a 110 year old company that is resting on its laurels!

    • Yes. I purchased my speed queen washer 6 months ago and it has been broken..locking; not starting; flashing lights for 3. Speed queen technology team leader John extrodinarly rude and unhelpful. Speed Queen does not stand behind its product.

  16. Wow, thanks for saving me a $1000. I was looking to pick up a sq washer since we’ve previously had flawless performance with them.
    Why can’t companies just stick with what works?

    • What is your opinion of the Maytag model: MVWB766FW?
      It has a water level override.
      Thinking of buying this one being I cannot purchase a Speed Queen 2017.

      I originally was looking at the Speed Queen 2017, Model TR5000.
      I do not want the 2018 model, and just am not really excited about the Maytag MVWP575GW, (it’s just not a Speed Queen)

      5 years ago I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio (it does not wash & the dryer does not dry, I purchased a real lemon, the worst purchase we ever made). Just want a dependable machine. Help please?

      • I tested a similar model with terrible results. Check out my YouTube videos on it. I believe I tested mvwb765…

        Definitely proceed with caution, and make sure your appliance dealer has a great return policy.

        • OMG! I just got the Maytag MVWB766FW & washed ONE load. I HATE it! I might get hosed from the store I got it from…not sure until tomorrow. However, it goes back no matter what. I’, 5’1″ tall & can’t reach the bottom to get the laundry out. What do I buy? I saw your recommendation of Maytag MVWP575GW. I almost got the SQ. So glad to see your inside scoop on it! Whew! Now what? I just had to part with my 21 yr. old Maytag set that never had a repair. The drum was chipped & rusting & I tried painting it but it wouldn’t last. Would very much appreciate your input.

        • Hello Eugene. After much research, and two emails to you, I decided on Maytag Commercial-Grade residential Agitator washer MVWP575GW and the matching dryer. I am very pleased with both appliances. Five years ago, I purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio washer & dryer, both were the worst purchase I ever made. So I want to thank you very much for being the person you are and directing me to find the right washer & dryer for me. I finally have water to have clean clothes, and my dryer actually dries quite efficiently. I do have 2 questions for you: 1) How can I avoid the lid lock? Place a magnet where exactly? 2) How can I avoid the washer from getting off balance? I do understand the load got off kilter, but if it was loaded evenly at the start, what’s going on? Thank you again & again. God Bless.

          • Glad you are happy with your choice! To bypass the lid lock, simply unscrew the latch that is connected to the lid and insert it in to the lock.

            As far as balancing, make sure the washer is leveled, like nearly perfect level. It should not wobble in the slightest if you push on it. If it’s solid, it shouldn’t go off balance.

          • Glad I found this site. I also have a 5 year old set of Cabrios, and I’ve hated them since the beginning. My in-laws suggested SQ, but my wife wanted hi-efficiency. Poor decision on our part. In any case, I’m ready to dump them in favor of something else. I was set on SQ, until I read these reviews. Now I’m set on finding 2017 models (probably not likely), or going the Maytag MVWP575GW route.

  17. Before I actually purchase a Maytag MVWP575GW washer, and a dryer of some sort to go with it, do you know where I can buy the “2017 Speed Queen washer and dryer”?

    (My friend has a 2017 SQ set and loves it).
    I tried many appliance stores, SQ Brokers, and internet appliance stores.

    Should I give up?

    • Jude, I am experiencing the same problem trying to locate the recommended 2017 model. If you have success, or if another reader has success in locating a 2017, please share with us! Thanks so much.

  18. Hi Eugene! Any idea where I can get a 2017 SQ in Miami? What are the good model numbers for 2017? Thanks so much!

    • I can’t say where to find one, likely they are all sold. Any model number with the letter “R” in it is a 2018 version.

  19. My Whirlpool washer from the 90’s appears to need new bearings and I’m considering buying a Speed Queen AWN432SP113TW04 in lieu of repairing the Whirlpool. I normally repair my appliances, but I do not want to wait too long and then not be able to find a pre-2018 Speed Queen. Thoughts?

    • If you can get that speed queen I would go for it. I can’t believe there are still some out there.

      • Thanks for your reply, Eugene! In the end, it was a ten minute fix and my old heavy duty Whirlpool circa 1990 is back in business. I was torn about snatching up a pre-2018 Speed Queen and fixing my machine, but the $800+ difference swayed me to repair, I’m still tempted to buy a Speed Queen if I can get my hands on one, but if not, at least I know the commercial Maytag exists, if I decide not to fork over the dough for a new washer now!

  20. Eugene,

    What are your thoughts on the SQ dryer models? Do they follow the same pre-2018 is best thought process or would you go with another brand such as the LG recently reviewed?

    • The sq dryer has not changed. That said, it was never the best dryer. Look at LG or whirlpool if you want the best performance

  21. Now I am concerned, I just bought a new set 2 days ago based on people talking up speed queen.. my 20 year old Maytag died and I was told the new Maytag weren’t the same.. I’ve washed a couple of loads with no real issues, but nothing heavily soiled yet. If I went another route, what should I get?

  22. I know where I can purchase a new/unopened 2017 SpeedQueen AWN542s. The problem I’m having is finding a “matched set” dryer, which I think is the ADE3LRG.

    Any suggestions? Major bummer to find a “unicorn” new 2017 washer and then not be able to line up a matching dryer.

    • The 2017 washer should have a model number of awn432sp113. I have a new dryer still in inventory so give me a call

  23. I’d like to know where I can purchase a Speed Queen 2017. I’ve been looking everywhere! Jack, will you please advise?? Thanks.

  24. I’m in the NYC metro area. Anybody know where I can get a new 2017 Model washer? I asked around and the Sales guy said I was wasting my time. =(

  25. Hello. I appreciate this site and comments. I was considering the speed queen SF700WE stack-able washer and dryer. Eugene, do you have any input on this model? Is it a good front load choice? I would prefer a top load but also have to fit into small laundry room. Thanks. Kathy H.

    • The washer is the same legendary build quality of their separated front load washers. From a build quality or reliability standpoint this front loader is the gold standard. Performance is very good, it does an overall good job cleaning.

      • Thank you so much for this information. Would you be kind enough to comment on SF7003WE? Is this different in any way from the 7000WE?

  26. I purchased the 2018 sq washer and dryer less then a week ago and hate it! Clothes are dirty and won’t dry without running 2 cycles. What is your thoughts on g e top loader washer and dryer?

  27. Went to a large appliance dealer in our area this morning. Had a long conversation about the 2018 TR 3-5-7’s Was shown a TR5000WN that was manufactured in November of 2018 according to the serial number inside. Was told that the agitation was changed and the rinse cycle changed to correct complaints. Also instead of toggle buttons on the front they were simple push buttons. The dealer was not putting these on the floor yet as he still had several of the older 2018’s to sell but must have had 20 in the back warehouse. Does this sound legit?

    • I have no evidence regarding that as I’m not a dealer. One of my colleagues who is a dealer and he mentioned a software upgrade to assist with wash issues. Mechanically it hasn’t changed

      • Hi Eugene, I am getting confused reading all the questions. I can’t find a 2017 SQ in Georgia. What model of Maytag or something else that is like the old fashioned should I be looking for

  28. Help! I need a new washer. I have a Maytag Bravos top loader that I have regretted buying since the day it was delivered. Unbalanced load beeping and sounds like an airplane is taking off when spinning. I thought we’d settled on a SQ until I found this. I need a top load that cleans and soaks and I’m reluctant to buy another Maytag because of my experience with this one. Any recommendations? I have 2 little ones and we do A LOT of laundry. I’m not sure a front load will clean well enough in terms of water and my laundry room isn’t big enough to leave the door standing I’ve to stop mold and dry it out. Quiet would be a plus because we have an upstairs laundry. I wish they’d just left the SQ alone. Now I’m at a total loss.

  29. why did speed queen stop offering the water level selection on their model lwn432sp115tw01–this model now fills up to the full capacity even on small delicate loads..

  30. Thanks for the posting of the SQ video. For the models that are now being sold, are they the 2018 models that you referenced? What is comparable to the SQ etc.

  31. I’ve had my Speed Queen 432 for only 1 1/2 years. I had to have the timer replaced soon after I purchased it because the cycle was just sitting and not agitating. A year after that the washer overflowed and another service company replaced the timer and the switch. Three weeks after that everything quit working. The company I bought it from said they would switch it out for a new SQ and after reading this review.. no go. I have called the repair company to come back out. My question is should I continue to get this repaired (only have another 18 months on warranty) or should I go back to the company I bought it from and get the Maytag 575? Thanks for your help!

  32. Wish I would have seen this info before I bought my 2018 SQ washer and dryer. Purchased 10/2108. After 3 service calls, (initially called early Dec 2018) finally on 1/5/2019 the tech found a pillowcase had made its way between the tub layers. He could see it through the holes on the inner tub. Now, today the lid lock light is flashing and the machine won’t fill. I’ll call the tech tomorrow.

    I’ve learned that very few techs know anything about the 2018s. Totally regret this purchase.

  33. Thank you so much for this review. I was ready to buy a new SQ washer before I read this. I have found a AWNE92SP but am not sure if it’s a good washer. What do you think?

  34. Hi Eugene – thank you so much for such an informative review! I, like everyone else, am not able to find a 2017 LWN432. I have been able to locate a Speed Queen LWNE22SP115TW01. This has the white panel, touch pad, not knobs. Wondering if you have an opinion on this model. Thank you!

  35. Hello all, Im a little confused with the model numbers. Im in australia and the current model number is AWNE92 92.3L (AWNE92SN303AW01). can anyone tell me if this is based on the US 2018 model or an older version?

  36. Hello all, Im a little confused with the model numbers. Im in australia and the current model number is AWNE92 92.3L (AWNE92SN303AW01). can anyone tell me if this is based on the US 2018 model or an older version?

  37. Your blog is extremely informative. Any thoughts on Speed Queen 2017 Model LWN432SP113TW01 versus Maytag MVWP575GW?

  38. I have 35 yr. old Maytag LA512 washer that needs new tub snubber and has a leaking transmission. Repairman says it is dying and would be hard to repair and cost upwards of $500-600. He recommended Speed Queen but after reading your advice and others comments, I wonder if I should repair the Maytag. What do you advise?

  39. are you saying that if you can get a speed queen that was built in nov 2018 has ben changed to make it a better machine

  40. Eugene,
    Found the SQ Model LWN432SP113TW01 (Commercial Heavy Duty Washer) that is new and said to be a 2018 model. Will this be built like the pre-2018 as mentioned in the discussion above? The Good Previous generation SQ machine my wife has been wanting since we bought the Maytag Bravos 9 years ago that she has hated. Just want to make sure before we buy it. Thanks!!

    • That should be a 2017 style machine. Any speed queen with the letter “R” in the model # is the new style machine

  41. Commercial Home Style Top Load Washer Two Speed – Speed Queen LWN432SP115TW01 – This is the only SQ I can find with decent reviews. Would you recommend the Maytag Commercial Model MVWP575GW this SQ model? I’m in a tight bind now that my 17 year old Maytag has gone. Please help! Thank you!

    • They are both great machines, the lwn speed queen has a slight edge in the reliability department and the Maytag comes with a great warranty and is cheaper

  42. Greetings. If most folks would understand the way the 2018 SQ top load was designed and intended to function, there would be fewer complaints. And if you are looking for the “Roll Over” effect, you’re not going to get it. Simply put, the 2018 top load is designed to function similarly to a front load but in a vertical format. The use of the agitator only amplifies the wash action compared to tumbling only. I have sold many to customers tired of the continuous issues with their pervious and not very old top and front load machines, both domestic and import models. The 2018 is built well and will last as you would expect from any SQ product. Most of what I have been called on for service turned out to be minor issues related installation or the user not knowing how to properly use the machine. If you’re looking to place blame on the design, first understand how it functions and then blame the Department Of Energy for making all manufacturers comply with resource and energy restrictions. Still not convinced, I understand. You can still get the old school transmission drive models under their commercial/OPL classification. Home style features, commercial warranty. 3 years parts with a limited 5 years on select parts: trans, cabinet rust etc. Built to last.

  43. Sorry I did not see your video prior to purchase of SQ. I have had the service tech out and my complaint of the laundry feeling wet was addressed with the following answer: ‘SQ has lowered the rpm from the previous year models’. Had I known to ask about rpm’s it certainly would not have been a sale. Many years ago, I had a SQ and was over joyed with it, should not listen to sales people.

    Agree with a previous comment, EVERYTHING a consumers buys is trash, made to be thrown away in 5-7 years. Proof: This is our 3 washer in 13 1/2 years.

  44. Eugene, are the 2019 speed queens as good as the 2017 speed queens? In the market for a new washer & dryer set, and saw your test run between the 2017 and 2018 speed queens. Thanks

    • Short answer is no, but very close. I have more videos coming out on YouTube in the coming weeks to illustrate

  45. I am able to get a lwn432. I am moving to a different state and in the market for a new washer and dryer.

    I am leaning toward a front loader since I need to wash queen sized down comforters. Will the lwn432 clean them with only a 3.19 cuft. capacity?

    Also, I was leaning toward the LG front loader but many are saying they are having reliability issues. Is there a good Speed Queen front loader that hasn’t been discontinued?

    If I get the front loader, am I crazy to buy a lwn432 too and keep it in the garage?!!

    • I own a top loader and a front loader, it’s really the perfect setup. Buy any lg with turbo wash, they are very reliable and perform well (my front loader is an LG)

      • Which LG model would you recommend to wash king size bedding and with an option to fill tub with more water if needed. I was looking to buy the Speed Queen, the newest one, but after reading these reviews, I gotta find something else, please advise and thank you

  46. I have a Roper RAS8445KQO that may need a seal & bearing. Repair person has not come yet. Noise started when it tried to rinse but nothing happened. I had to remove towels & drain by hand. My husband thinks I may have overloaded machine. Would this cause seal & bearing to malfunction. Is this worth fixing or should I look for a new set. (or do I keep the matching Roper dryer which is also about 14 yrs old. What do you recommend doing & which brand & model would be best to buy. Thank you

    • No, this washer doesn’t have a “bearing” per se. you have a direct drive washer so I would fix it, almost no matter what. If you replace, don’t get rid of your old set until you are completely satisfied with your purchase

  47. Im wondering what you think of the Speed Queen TC5 (2019). its the old style like my mom had and like I use to have.

    I am so tired of my lautndry not getting clean I ws going to spring for this one. but now I don’t know …….
    no its not a TR3,5, or 7 and works like the old machines did but……….

    • The tc5 is a respectable washer, I feel it’s overpriced but it is an effective unit. The Maytag commercial washer mvwp575gw is also a great performer

  48. Eugene,
    Are you saying that the tc5 and the Maytag mvwp575gw are equivalent in performance and longevity? The Maytag is much cheaper but SQ is offering 10 warranties on all their models. What about the matching dryers to each of these? MAytag medp575gw or SQ dc5000we, which is better?
    Thanks, Eileen

    • I can’t promise on the longevity part but they both look really well made. The ten year warranty really closes the value gap between the machines. They both perform really well However I have a slight preference for the Maytag.

  49. anything the desktop jockeys adjust to conform to the a/c environment working public , have No idea what it takes to do a load of dirty laundry , they would rather we wash the same load 3 or 4 times , use more electricity and dump 3 times the water , with he soap to save the water sanitation plant from having to deal with phosphorus in the soap – Truthful site blogs like this are evidence of the censorship from corps. and govt. , so much for free press , lol just look at the bias portrayed by owned media about our govt . from consumer goods to the govt.

  50. Hi Eugene, I had a good washer in our last house. I didn’t know the washer in the house we have now was the new ECO un-friendly type, I’ve cried over how horrible this machine is, I’m having to stand there and fill every tub-full with a separate hose. I watched your videos. I thought I had it all figured out, so I went and bought a new one, and it’s no good either.
    1. I want to be able to choose small-med-lrg water level and really get a full tub. I will never ever want to use a machine water level sensor, that barely gets clothes wet. And I feel if there’s plenty of water, then items will float around, not get bound up in bad positions to cause spin cycle unbalance.
    2. Good roll over agitator.
    I wanted Maytag commercial-grade MVWP575GW, but the salesman sold me on Maytag commercial technology because I liked that it had huge tub size. And he said they’d both be the same with Deep Water, that it sensors the load and then adds a bit more. I got the Maytage comm tech home. I can get a close-to-full tub WASH water on Bedding, but Bedding RINSE water level is barely enough to cover the clothes.
    So I’m returning the Maytag Comm Tech, called the store told salesman I want to get a 2018 SQ TR3000. Just saw your above notes that it doesn’t have roll over, and I guess it wont give a full tub? but the salesman says it has excellent roll over and has sm-med-lrg knob.
    I can order the SQ TC5000 2019 will take about 2 wks to get. Or should I get SQ TC7000 ? that has pre-soak, 2nd rinse, and hand wash delicate, but it has a all digital control panel.
    Or I can get Maytag Commercial 575GW, it’s in stock, they just don’t have a floor model, is that 2018 or 2019 I want?
    I see you’re getting the same questions over and over. I’d be happy to get full tub water on Wash AND Rinse. And I think the Roll Over agitation is good. I don’t see how the “clothes don’t get clean”, with those two things. I really would like a Delicate cycle, for comforters so the the batting doesn’t get all twisted up.
    I hope the sales manager will still give me the Sale Price that ended today, on whatever I end up buying and keeping. They have a 30 day. And they are very nice, just don’t know anything about washers, and don’t know how to counsel a buyer to avoid having to return the washer. By the way, Speed Queen is having a 10 yr all parts and labor warranty on ALL of their machines. But according to the comments here, SQ is lousy at honoring getting the repairs made.

  51. Hi Eugene
    I have the to make a choice between the LWN432SP115TW01 and the TC5000WN. Which would you recommend between the two machines? I am not certain the LWN will come with the free 10 year warranty that the TC5 will. The TC5 will cost about $200 more. I have children and do lots of laundry. Thanks for your video and your advice!!

  52. Eugene,
    Has SQ re-instated your dealer log-in? If not, I will keep looking for a washer that fits my family’s needs. Their response to your feedback is unacceptable.

    Thanks for the hard work and honest reviews. It’s refreshing!

  53. Thank you for your reviews and for stating the truth, even when you lost the ability to sell the SQ brand. Can you please tell me if there are ANY washing machines being sold right now that don’t have a locking lid? My whirlpool washer from 1988 is still working but sooner or later I will have to get a new one and I am scared to death of getting one that locks since I see all the problems people are having with them.

  54. we bought a speed queen washer an dryer set us back $2,289.00 and have had nothing but problems with both. the washer has electrical control problems have to keep pulling out plug to reset and water control issues so two service calls and still without a washer for a month now. the dryer not any better two service calls and takes two cycles to dry a load of clothes sometime three cycles.
    Do not buy speed queen total rip off. Buy any thing else for less money and live stress free for at least ten years or so ……….

  55. Hello Eugene, I need a new machine. I am sick of the garbage that is made in this country lately and I want to find out what machine company you would suggest for washing heavy loads of towels from bathing and drying dogs. I use a lot of towels and so I need a good machine. Please could you help me.
    One more thing I wanted to ask you. What about going to Canada and buying one of their machines? Do they have the same problems or don’t you know? I am thinking about going there and getting one of their machine because I was told that they take pride in what they manufacture and I wanted to look into getting a washer from them since all or most of ours our garbage. Thank you so much for your time….

  56. You review is accurate my TR7000 does not clean dirty cloths. My sons jeans come out caked with dirt and mud, P4 cycle and hot water. Finally after sending videos to SpeedQueen they refunded my dealer and my TC5000 is coming soon.

  57. What a great comment thread. It was in June 2014 I got my Speed Queen model AWNSP111TW01. This Speed Queen replaced a Whirlpool top loader I bought used in 1983 for $35.00. I hated to replace that washing machine. Over the years I replaced belts , fixed broken wires on the “wig-wag”, and even repaired the timer when the cam wheel shaft broke. It was when the transmission began to die the repair guys told me that model transmission had not been built since 1985! The Speed Queen folks told me I was getting my machine before the govt regulations were going into effect and would surely screw things up. I’ve enjoyed nearly 6 years of trouble free washing. My advice would be to keep up on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for a good used machine…