Speed Queen completely redesigned their top load washer for 2018. It is really different fom the previous generation. Really, really different.

Applicable models:

TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN, AWNE9RSN115TW01

How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, take them home, and use them for anywhere between 60 days, and all the way up to 6+ months.  I have children, and they get EVERYTHING dirty. Needless to say, I have a never-ending supply of dirty laundry. After my wife threatened me with divorce, I just started bringing my laundry to my shop for testing.  That is how I tested this Speed Queen.

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors:
1. Performance (20pts)
2. Cost    (20pts)
3. Build Quality (Repairablity) (20pts)
4. Durability and Longevity (20pts)
5. My Personal Opinion (20pts)
Just for the record, I don’t believe any washer will ever get a score of 100.  I doubt there will ever be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see. 

The review:

Speed queen AWNE9RSN115TW01, aka TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN washer.
This is a very difficult review to write, as its caused me quite a bit of stress over the last few months.  For those you who do not know, Speed Queen completely redesigned their washer for 2018.  It boasts a higher spin speed, now has a lid lock, and has a completely different wash system.  Speed Queen also claims that the washer performs 4.7% better than the previous model.
The problem is, it doesn’t.
I washed upwards of 40 loads in this new style machine, specifically the TR7000WN.  This is Speed Queen’s most expensive model coming in at almost $1100.  This washer was set to come out around March of this year, but because I was one of Speed Queen’s fanboys I was able to get an early production model in Late December.  It was like Christmas for me.  I was so excited to test this new design and start promoting it.


At first, I was very optomistic about the new design.  The new washer does not agitate like a traditional top loader.  The new Queen uses an “Agi-Tub” design, meaning that the agitator is physically bolted to the wash tub.  During agitation, the spin basket and the agitator move as one single unit. This method has been tried many times in the past. Frigidaire came out with something back in the late 70’s, and again around 2012.  Both of them failed miserably.  The TR7 is a slightly different version of the same thing.  It certainly performs better than the first two “Agi-Tubs”, but that is just about where it ends.

With small loads and flexible fabrics, this washer does OK.  Not great, but OK. Its when you start doing full loads and stiffer fabrics that this machine basically falls flat on it’s face.  I tried washing 5 pair of my fleece lined work pants, and I got zero “turnover” (clothes circulation), and worse, I wound up with soap stains on my pants after the load was complete.  Thinking I made a mistake loading, or perhaps I tried the wrong cycle, I retried this same test 4 more times.  My results were pretty consistent.  I washed a variety of different loads, including whites (underwear and undershirts), shirts, pants, a queen set of sheets, a queen comforter, a load of hand towels, and more. 90% of the loads I tried were flat out unacceptable.

The bottom line…. This washer does not perform very well.


At around $1100, this washer is more expensive than the previous generation, and also more expensive than better performing models by other manufacturers.

Build Quality

I have nothing but praise here.  This washer is the best built washer I have ever seen.  It has very few moving parts, rock solid electronics, and a lot of heavy steel components.


I truly think this washer can last every bit of 15 years before needing any kind of service.  Looking at the guts of this machine, I really can’t see any weak spot in the build.  Im sure that SQ left no stone unturned here.  Every part is over built, and nothing in this washer feels “cheap”.  Time will tell.

Personal Opinion

Several months ago I started publishing full wash videos on my YouTube account.  A lot of people wanted to actually see how the machine performs during a real wash cycle.  I also started doing a type of “VLOG” review on machines I tested.  After running many loads on the TR7, I decided that this was not a washer that I wanted to sell to my customers.  Its really expensive, and it just couldn’t  perform on the normal day-to-day cycles that I put it through.  After publishing my video review on YouTube, I got a call from my distributor, who had recieved a call from the VP of marketing at Speed Queen.  They did not like my less than glowing review of their new model, and they pulled my license to sell Speed Queen appliances. Within days, I was removed from their website, and I no longer had access to anything. I asked my distributor to have them call me directly, but to no avail. Thats it… with no reasoning or direct conversation from SQ.

Back to the washer. The bottom line is this: The washer costs $1100.  For that kind of money it should perform well on a variety of different loads (all loads, if you ask me).  This washer doesn’t. Yes, it will last a very, very long time. In fact, I would bet you will get rid of it long before it ever breaks.  What good is a reliable washer if it doesn’t clean your clothes?  I tested a $300 washer that cleaned way better.  If you wash a few items at a time, and use plenty of soap with extra rinse, you may have decent results with this machine.  For normal people (like me) who just need to put some laundry in and have it come out clean, this washer wont deliver.

Build Quality19
Total Score48

27 comments on “WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY A SPEED QUEEN WASHER! REVIEW: New 2018 Speed Queen Washer TR3000WN, TR5000WN, TR7000WN.

  1. Are you just talking about the TR7? I’m thinking about getting the TR5 and wondering how you feel about it’s performance. Thanks!

  2. Eugene – are the 2017 models as the earlier models and a good investment. I read that SQ had to change to the 2018 design to comply with the federal mandated regulations regarding water conservation. We have purchased 2 HE machines in as many years and have been very disappointed in performance and reliability. The GE unit just stops and requires unplugging the unit and open / close the lid 6 times within 12 to reset the motor. That operation does not work. We have to call the GE repairman to reset the computer with his laptop! What kind of operation is that. I have put a great deal of time into determining the best washing machine for the average size family and the T3 seems to be the best. Now, it appears SQ is building the same piece of crap as the other manufacturers. I am interested in purchasing a 2017 T3 while I can still get one. Thank you for your very interesting comment.

    • It seems the inevitable day has come for SQ. My 2015 is evolutionary perfection but it seems those days are over. I would be looking for <2018 models on the new or used market if I needed a new machine.

  3. What are your thoughts on the new LWN432? Your videos were incredibly helpful. I have wanted a SQ for a long time, but won’t be getting a 2018 one.

    • The lwn432 is built the same way as the old speed queens we know and love. If you can get your hands on one I’d say buy it!

  4. Hi Eugene! I have to say I really appreciate your youtube videos! My family (three sisters and mother) all own SQ’s. We purchased an LG front load nine months ago and have had nothing but problems (it shakes so bad it broke the little sidekick washer underneath the main unit). LG and Home Depot have agreed that after 13+ service technicians, they are taking the entire set back. I’ve been front load for the last ten years, however it seems like even the big box stores are turning to top loads as far as popularity lately. I’ve found a 2017 SQ (three year) washer 2 hours one way away, and a dryer at another dealer an hour away. That said, I have three kids and a husband that works behind a desk all day. In your opinion, is this the best washer on the market? Or would you look towards a Maytag commercial (or do you have any other suggestions as to what brand to turn to)? The last thing I want to do is purchase another crappy set. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    • If you can get your hands on a 2017 speed queen I’d go for it. Great performance and a solid track record for reliability. You will have a bit of a learning curve coming from a front loader. If it’s inconvenient, the Maytag commercial unit is fantastic.

      • Thank you so much for your feedback, expertise and videos! I found a 2017 set (took me five hours of travel time to get them), but none the less they’re home, installed and though we’ve only washed a few loads, we are pretty happy. I have to say without your video I probably would have ended up with a 2018 set, so thank you!

      • I have a 2017 in our FL home. Absolutely love it. Just replaced an old washer in our northern home with a 2018 SQ. I instantly noticed the difference. It does not even
        come close to the older ones. I would NOT recommend this new model.. we bought the 7000 series. Overpriced. It may be well built but does not perform. So disappointed !! Another comment: the lid lock is total annoying, not necessary. Also if you open machine for any reason you MUST restart it again. My FL one restarts as soon as lid is closed. Where has the intelligence gone? K.I.S.S. is my motto. Simplicity, quality and performance have been sacrificied. For what reason?

  5. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for your info on the new 2018 Speed Queen washers. I found a SQ washer at a local store that is AWN43RSN115TW01 – can you tell me if this is a 2017 machine?

    -gary b.

    • Gary, based on that model# I don’t think so. My understanding is that any speed queen model number with an “R” in it is the 2018 version. Also, the 2018 models have a black painted faceplate and the 2017 is white or light grey.

  6. Hi Eugene,
    I so appreciate your reviews, knowledge and experience! We decided to go with the SQ 5000 (2018) anyway because, front loaders… no way. The Maytag 575 has plastic mechanical parts so… even though the 2018 SQs are not the same machines as previous years, we know we will get durability and a great warranty. We just bought the 5000 today. Will update in 6 months. Sure is a lot quieter than our 45 year old Whirlpool that we finally had to give up on because the drum was rusted to the agitator. (Husband has fixed it several times previously).

    • For build quality and reliability you definitely made the right choice. The 2018 is definitely built like a tank.

      My only issue with them is in the performance department. Keep me updated!

  7. Thank you for your review.
    Im going to get a 2017 model. Is there a difference between the lwn52sp113tw01 and the lwn432sp115tw01 besides the manuel controls. Deciding between the two.

  8. Thank you for the warning… Have 2017 or 16 model AWN432SP113TW04 that is great. Need to replace another in family, and will not go with a 2018 model. Sad that they changed something that performed so well. Hats off to other posts as well. Strong machine.

  9. I am in the process of purchasing a speed queen tr5, but found a speed queen lwn432sp115tw01 model. Is that one better than the tr5?

  10. My washer just broke and I am looking at getting a new one. I had pretty much decided on the SQ but then read the reviews on the 2018 models.
    I just talk to the appliance salesman at our local appliance store. He said the New energy saving cycle on the machine does not get clothes clean, it has a kind of misting rinse.
    He said if I use the other cycles it should perform like the previous models. ❓❓

    • The ketchup test video that I show above was the heavy duty cycle. I don’t recall ever using the normal cycle as everyone knows it’s only there to satisfy government regulations.

  11. Just spoke to Eugene. I live in New Jersey and I called him just for advice on a new washing machine. There might not be a nicer Appliance man in America. What a great American. The world needs more Eugenes.
    He is part of the solution not part of the problem. Thank you again

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