Hello, my name is Eugene. Appliance reviewer, restorer, and repairer….

In the world of appliances, it seems to be a difficult thing to find the best one.  Which is more reliable? Best performance? Best price?  Cost to repair?  It can get pretty confusing.  In the end, they are all just washing machines, right?  Don’t they just clean clothes? Aren’t refrigerators just supposed to get cold?

Hopefully I can help.

About me:

I am a 34 year old with a beautiful wife and 2 daughters, ages 3, and 1.  I live in century home just outside the city limits of Cleveland.  I would consider myself to be just about average in every way except one thing: I have a weird obsession with appliances.  Im fascinated with how they work, their design, and just how much of an impact they have on our lives.  You may be able to go a week without a dryer (and just maybe), but can you go a week with no refrigerator?  The answer is yes, you can, but it will completely change the way you live for that entire time.

Anyway, appliances are important.  They are also expensive.  Needless to say, you don’t want to but a $1500 fridge just to have it break down 1.5 years after purchase. ( and conveniently out of warranty).  I have been tinkering with my appliances all of my life.  I have been selling and servicing appliances since I was 18 years old. I am very talented at fixing them.  I have a pretty extensive knowledge of just about all appliances made from the 80’s, all the way to the present.

Hopefully this blog will be helpful in making your decision on your next appliance purchase.

One comment on “Hello, my name is Eugene. Appliance reviewer, restorer, and repairer….

  1. Dear Mr. Pallas,
    I am the newest member of your fan club. Two months ago I purchased a Speed Queen Washer. (the one with a 5-year warranty). I’m very unhappy with it. Doesn’t get the clothes clean…. not even close. Several times white items that were not visibly dirty when they went into the machine came out too dirty to wear in public. Every time I wash a load of whites they get dingier and more disgusting. Good thing the neighbors can’t see my sheets and underwear!
    I called the appliance store. The service man told me don’t use the eco normal cycle….. it doesn’t get the clothes clean. I wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known that; I live on a farm and the wash water goes into the septic system. Excess water is very hard on a septic tank and should be avoided.
    For the past 24 years I have happily used a Maytag wringer washer with excellent cleaning results, and water and detergent consumption that cannot be beat. I have no idea how long my husband’s granny used the machine before that. Perhaps 50 years? When it started belching black smoke a few months ago I got scared and decided I needed a new one. I would happily trade the Speed Queen for a new Maytag wringer with a 25 year warranty. Alas, not available.
    I’ve tried using the heavy duty cycle on clothes that were worn for hay baling. I’ve tried switching from All (which has gotten my clothes clean for 50 years) to far more expensive Tide. Does seem to work better. But hay baling clothes still don’t nearly as clean as they got with All, when they were in the 3rd load using the same wash water!!
    Is there any recourse? Class action lawsuit? Could the machine possibly be recalled and fixed? What’s with the only cold water on the eco normal cycle? Is this a new law? I am all for laws to protect the environment (call me a tree hugger and I will say, yes, thank you) but this is counterproductive. I’ve figured out how I can maybe bypass that and use hot…. I’ll let you know if it works and if it helps.
    Thanks for all your posts and for letting me sound off. It’s been therapeutic for me to write to you.
    Unhappy in Vevay, Indiana