LG WT7305CW, One of the Best High-Capacity Top Load Washers (But I Still Don’t Recommend Them)

LG consistently makes a very good product, which is why I generally recommend them.  This washer is no exception. The problem is that this “style” of washer is probably the worst choice to make when picking a washing machine.

How I test them:

I physically buy these machines, hook them up in my store and run them at least 10 times until I get a feel for how they work.  I do my own laundry in these machines to give a true “real world” test.

The grading scale

My grading scale is 1-100, based on the following factors: 1. performance (20pts), 2. cost (20pts), 3. build quality (repairability), (20pts) 4. how long I think it will last. (20pts), 5. my general feelings towards the machine (20pts).  Just for the record, I don’t believe any appliance will ever, ever get a score of 100.  I don’t even think there will be any in the 90’s, but I guess we’ll see.

The review:

Before I can review this machine I need you to understand my thought process: To me, there are three different “styles” of machines. 1. Basic, small capacity top loaders, 2. Large capacity top loaders, and 3. Front loaders.  This washer falls in to the “large capacity top loader” section.  Despite this category being one of the most popular here in America, it just so happens to be the worst choice when picking a washer.No matter how BIG you make the drum, basically ALL top load washers can only effectively wash about 18 pounds of laundry at a time.  This washer is no exception.  As a Customer you walk in to a big Appliance store, and you are instantly attracted to the biggest, shiniest washer.  Most appliance manufacturers know this, and that is why there is somewhat of an “arms race” to get the largest tub.  Larger tub= more sales, and NOT better cleaning.  Nifty gimmicks like WiFi, little jingles, and faux chrome attract customers like moths to fire.So the bottom line is this: If you simply MUST buy a large capacity top load washer, this (or most LG’s) washer is the best performing machine in this category of washers.


It does work, and it actually delivers decent performance by any standard. It has the ability to use plenty of water and thus can be an effective washer if dialed in correctly.


This washer has an MSRP of $949.

Build Quality

LG generally speaking is a pretty decent quality Product.  The fit & finish is nice, and overall the washer is somewhat pleasing to the eye.  As with 99% of washers these days, it is made mostly of plastic and thin sheet metal.


These large tub style machines typically dont last long.  It creates an incredible amount of force when spinning a huge tub like that at 1,000+ RPM.  You would expect to get the typical 5-10 Years out of this washer before discarding it.

Personal Opinion

Im generally a big fan of LG however this washer kind of gave me a case of the “meh’s” Although this LG is one of the best performing washers in this category (Large tub Top Load), when compared to other styles of machines its just not that good.  If you are looking for great performance, look at Maytag MVWP575GW. If you need something with a huge capacity, buy a (LG w/ turbo wash) front load washer.
Build Quality12
Total Score57
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