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Speed Queen

How many washers and dryers have you purchased in your lifetime? Didn't you just buy that broken down hunk of junk in your basement last February? If you're tired of replacing your laundry equipment every six months, check out Speed Queen. They come with industry leading 3 and 5 year warranties, and are built to do 25 years of laundry. Maybe now that you're done buying washers and dryers for the rest of your life, you can start thinking about that RV you've always wanted.

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Verona Ranges

Thinking about a high end range, but not so sure about that high end price tag? Verona has everything the other "custom" ranges have to offer, at half the price. If you're going to be slaving away in front of a hot stove all day, why not slave away in style?

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LG Appliances

Do your neighbors, Bill and June Rutherford, like to constantly remind you of how wonderful their life is? Did you hear that their daughter Susan just graduated from Law school and Med school, simultaneously? Shut them up at your next dinner party, by showing them your brand new LG appliances. They'll be so beside themselves with jealousy, June might finally just have that nervous break-down you've always seen coming.

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The Verona Duel Fuel Range

The Verona family of professional style cooking ranges offers the quality of traditional Italian artistry combined with the latest in cooking technology innovations.